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Nov 11, 2016-

I was recently talking to an old neighbour of mine who is incidentally a drunkard. Many people think that alcoholics shout unnecessarily, and that their words do not make any sense. However, I now believe that all what drunkards say are not necessarily pointless. I think so because my drunkard neighbour talked about the sufferings and ordeals of today’s generation in a way that struck a chord deep inside. Really, his one single statement touched my heart. He said, “It’s better to be ignorant than to study science under pressure or without any interest.” I fully support this statement. There are some people who have succeeded in their lives and gained name and fame after graduating in science. Regardless of this, there are tens of thousands of other science students who have fallen down hopelessly and recklessly at a crucial stage in their lives after succumbing to academic failure as well as heartbreaks. 

One’s inability to choose a subject of one’s interest and passion and lack of the required skills produce such an awful outcome. Besides, pressure exerted by guardians to enrol in a particular field has filled kids with an overwhelming sense of outrage. Moreover, lack of self-esteem and self-belief among students in addition to lack of proper guidance and counselling by their guardians, lack of a conducive environment, narrow-minded perception of contemporary society and many more have added to their woes. As a result, today’s students who are regarded as pillars of the future are at the opposite end of their ability range.

There is a general conception in our society that students passing with good grades or marks ought to enrol in the science faculty regardless of their internal desires and willingness to do something else in their priceless future. These narrow-minded people just don’t realise the value of human life. “You must study in order to be able and competent in this challenging era,” they say. But they never say that you make your life meaningful by excelling in the field of your interest. They say that you should use your mind to be wealthy and affluent. They don’t tell you to listen to your heart and not deceive yourself. 

That’s why it’s up to you to guide yourself towards your own world by keeping your internal feelings and strategies in mind. Or you can behave like an innocent child by letting someone point you in the direction they think is good for you. You must believe in your internal power and not be driven by external forces. To sum up, you need to explore yourself and excel in the field of your interest, provided that your profession matches your skills. You must get out of the crowd. And most importantly, 

you need to believe in yourself and explore yourself as much as you can. You have to be who you are both from the inside and the outside.

Published: 11-11-2016 08:34

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