Like father, like son, like hell

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- Rishi Ram Paudyal

Nov 17, 2016-

They say there is a time for everything. In recent days, this has become evident to me. There was a time when my loving son was in his childhood and demonstrated unquestioning obedience. This made me feel satisfied and blessed. As they say, time flies when you enjoy it. It’s unbelievable for me how soon my son’s teenage years have come to an end and how he has begun to show his real characteristics.

It’s normal for parents to have expectations from their offspring. I, too, as a parent had certain hopes for my only son. With the resources and finances that I earned by working hard for long hours, I gave him the best food to eat, the best clothes to wear and the best education to enlighten his mind. On top of that, most importantly, I bestowed on him my love and affection. Further, time and again, I tried my best to instil in him the value of hard work. I frequently taught him that respect for parents and obedience to them were the jewels of a human being, and that he should always be adorned with these beautiful gems.

With the nourishing food provided to him, his body developed well. In his best clothes, he looked incredibly handsome. And he entered higher education after finishing his schooling in a private school. However, much to my chagrin, it appears that he was pampered with love and affection. Regarding my teaching about hard work, he didn’t seem to have got it quite right. He didn’t show much diligence and hard work towards his lessons in the bachelor’s level, but he worked fairly hard at physical exercise. He could get up early in the morning and go running to quite a far place. He could do lots of push-up and sit-up exercises, and hang from a high bar to strengthen his limbs and chest. Concerning respect for parents and obedience to them, he didn’t seem to have much understanding or he could have understood it only partially.

These days, he says he wants to go abroad for further studies, not because I inspired him to do so but because one of his friends has already left for a foreign land. It seems so urgent for him that he can’t wait long. But as for me, I don’t think that’s a good idea right now, and I tell him that he will have to wait for a few years more for a favourable situation as I have not been in a strong financial position lately. But he won’t listen to me; he says he must go abroad as soon as possible. And in anger, I murmur, “As soon as I have money, I’ll send you to the alien land; I won’t keep you here a moment longer. Just wait, man, just wait!”

Published: 17-11-2016 08:15

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