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For the People!

  • When our politicians tell us that they will work together, they only mean they will create more problems for the future
- Guffadi
Why are our politicians worried about what Uncle Gyanu has to say when they are not worried about what millions of us think about them?

Dec 24, 2016-Our former king, Gyanu Uncle, tells us that our national unity is under attack and he is worried about all of us. 

The question is that were we really united before that now we do not get along that well?  Our leaders from the days of the Shahs to the present day Sharks have never made any effort to unite us all. 

They want to rule by force and fear instead of asking for forgiveness for their sins and helping the people to accept their differences and celebrate our diversity. Their only intent is to grab power, loot the state and the people and live like kings.

It seems that our so-called thulo mancheys only worry about the 

country and us citizens when they are no longer in power. If Gyanu Uncle had thought about the country then he would not have invited mandaleys and con artists to be a part of his rule. If Gyanu Uncle had thought about the people then he would have brought all the political parties together and let them sort out the problems in the country, instead of trying to be a Superman. Even superheroes need to make deals and in this country and if we do not make deals with the Desis, our thulo mancheys will not get to rule over us. 

And our thulo mancheys only think about the people after visiting foreign lands, especially our chimekis. Gyanu Uncle was in India and China recently and he must have met with real experts who finally made him aware that our politicians are only running after vote banks instead of actually helping the country with their province nataks. Our Madhesi parties only want the Madhes for themselves while most of us want each and every province to touch the hills and the plains.

Our politicians seem to be more worried about Gyanu Uncle rather than trying to figure out a way to resolve the political crisis in the country. Our Home Minister threatens to open the case of the Royal Massacre and find ways to blame Gyanu Uncle. Yes, we will never know what really happened that day but we can only move forward and build a better nation instead of only talking about the past or blaming foreign forces for all the mess in this country.

Our Emperor tells us that we should not take what Gyanu Uncle is saying lightly. I think someone should remind him that not many years ago, he wanted to make a deal with the former king and share the power and loot as well. 

Our Doctor Saheb goes a step further and tells us that Gyanu Uncle’s statement is a crime against the state. No, it’s not! Is Gyanu Uncle advocating overthrow of the government, is he planning a rebellion or selling this country to the highest bidder? Nope. Gyanu Uncle is not a politician. He is just another citizen like you and me. Just because he wants to tell us what he thinks doesn’t mean that the man has to be tried for treason.

Why are our politicians worried about what he has to say when they are not worried about what millions of us think about them? How can one man, who no longer has the support of the military and the majority of the people, scare our corrupt clowns? 

We all know that monarchy will not be back anytime soon. We can’t predict the future but we have no one to blame but our politicians who screw it up and allow the opportunity for the folks on the right to come back to center stage. If our politicians keep on bickering over petty issues then our right-wingers will get the opportunity to play their card and might even get to be on the front seat again.

Gyanu Uncle should take some tips from the former Royals from across the border. Why not open a political party and be a Chief Minister of one of our province someday, instead of still hoping for a comeback to sit on the throne?

Who knows, his new party might win enough seats in the next general election to be a member of the ruling coalition and even become our Prime Monster one day?  We never know how our politicians think and how they act and react to the situations in front of them. 

Our politicians tell us one thing and then do completely the opposite. I guess, when our politicians tell us that they will work together to resolve the political deadlock then it actually means that they will do everything in their power not to solve the problems of the land but further create more problems. 

So, when a politician says ‘Yes’  it means a ‘No’. No wonder, our politicians promise to eradicate poverty, end corruption and practice good governance. In reality what that means is that they will loot us all and make us poorer, promote corruption to the max and make as much moolah as possible while in power and they have no respect for the rule of law at all. Instead of being open, transparent and accountable, our government and those in power get away with everything while the common folks get nothing.  

Guffadi is a grumpy old man who blogs at You may contact him at

Published: 24-12-2016 08:20

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