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Jan 3, 2017-

The political appointments of ambassadors seem to be parties’ share of the spoils of democracy (‘Quota row delays ambassador appointments’, December 29, Page 3). Are they extracting their dues for their mutual support for the government? Shouldn’t? they be going for the best person for the job of an ambassador? Ranjit Rae, a Congress appointee, had been approved for continuity as the ambassador by the Bharatiya Janta Party. It was the same with the former Reserve Bank of India’s governor until he resigned on his own. Why is it that our parties want to induct their own kith and kin in various positions as soon as they climb to the government? How can they be sure that their recommendations and appointments are good? Is knowledge and language looked for, or is it fawning and ingratiation? These parties will push this country down the ladder in world ranking by sending mediocre people in diplomatic assignment.

- Manohar Shrestha, via email


Happy New Year

The bygone year has been positive in many aspects (‘2016: A year when signs of recovery emerged’, January 1, Money I). Past is past.  But we should learn lessons from past mistakes when moving forward to 2017.

Substantive amount of work has been done in sectors like trade and commerce, hydroelectricity, foreign direct investment, energy, infrastructure development, etc. It is great that a decade-long load-shedding problem has been ended, which is a good signal for the country’s progress in the long run.

However, it is quite sad that the earthquake victims are still not experiencing normalcy in their lives. Therefore, immediate action in reconstruction is the need of the hour. Let us make this year more productive than the last one by working hard, no matter what we do. Let’s have more supportive rather than a self-centred attitude when it comes to shaping our nation .

- Saroj Wagle, Bara

Published: 03-01-2017 08:37

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