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Jan 6, 2017-

A fter a decade of updating my older smartphones with newer and costlier ones only to loyally keep checking my Facebook page, one fine day I decided to quit the social media cold turkey. For a few days, I wondered what those people who frequently showed up on my wall were up to. Did they attend another party? Did they meet secretly at first, and announce on their wall their meetings with their few favorite people? Did someone just flip and suddenly decide to rant about their loved ones? Or did they just give up on everything and start uploading selfies every two hours? Funnily (and sadly) I realised that I cared less. And I also realised how little anyone else cared about my life displayed shamelessly on their walls sans their consent. 

A day later, the thought of a digital companion whom I followed so closely for the last 10 years didn’t seem to matter anymore. The persons I knew, and the person I was to them, ceased to exist in my real life. I remained the same for everyone else; except that I was a changed person to me. I had more time. After yearning for approval in the digital world for such a long time, it feels surreal to expect the same from the people I live with physically. No one is showing me a thumbs-up or a smile when they see me. But then, this is how it is supposed to be, right? Who in the real world ever gave a thumbs-up when we walked into our office all fresh in the morning, or when we entered a pub all decked out? Is it then that we realise the longing for undivided superficial attention on our social digital pages? No. Seeking approval isn’t bad. But when our lives revolve around it, that isn’t good. 

The time I have freed for myself has been a blessing. I now have time to exercise for an hour, which seemed impossible earlier. I have read many books including Lady Chatterley’s Lover. The title definitely sounded like a nice romantic book which, I tell you, it isn’t; but the title baffles my seven-year-old. She has promised to read this particular book when she becomes an adult. I tried my best to release her from her promise in vain. I don’t want to make a point. There is no point. The social pages do a lot of good, not just in connecting humans, but also generating billions of dollars in business. And I sure am not judging any soul for using it for whatever purpose they are using it for. I feel free, period. I have freed myself from the chains I had garlanded myself with, and I am also deeply ashamed of having popped up in so many people’s lives unknowingly and uninvited. 


Published: 06-01-2017 08:15

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