Jan 6, 2017-

Women in India are not impressed with the response that “it’s not all men” when tweeting about allegations of mass molestation in Bangalore.

The hashtag #NotAllMen, tweeted in response to reports of a “mass molestation” of women in Bangalore, India, this weekend, has turned up the temperature in conversations about the alleged incident.

Comments by some political leaders—that “these kind of things do happen” and that it was not right for women to have been out anyway - had already angered many on social media. The use of the hashtag and responses in kind only added fuel to the fire, even if they were made by relatively few people.

“Bangalore incident proved what I have always maintained. No city is safe for women in this country. Indian men, this is on you,” said one popular tweet. One response was this: “Surely not all Indian men. I am sure there are very many decent Indian men out there ma’am.” Another: “Yes blame all men bcoz ‘ALL RAPIST ARE MEN’. But u can forget that #NotAllMen r rapist.”

“Love how men on my TL [timeline] are proud of never molesting/assaulting a woman. Would you like a trophy for not murdering people while we’re at it?” asked one user in response.

Others explained, with varying degrees of patience, why such responses infuriated them:

“Saying #NotAllMen makes the conversation about men instead of the epidemic level of violence against women, and that’s just wrong,” said one post.

“What people (both women and men) need in times of distress is empathy. With #NotAllMen hashtag, men have conveniently run away from it,” explained another.

“#NotAllMen? Indeed. But yes all women. ALL women have been molested or assaulted or groped or catcalled at least once. #YESALLWOMEN,” said a third

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Published: 06-01-2017 08:21

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