The hard lesson

  • With time Binod felt guiltier. He hated himself every day for being a horrible human being who discriminated against a good human being

Jan 6, 2017-

In the cold hills of Nuwakot, there lived a middle-aged man named Krishna with his wife. They were good and compassionate human beings, but unfortunately extremely poor. They barely ate one good meal per week. While his wife worked as a farmer, Krishna worked as a servant for a filthy rich man named Binod, who lived in the bazaar area of Nuwakot. 

Krishna was the most hardworking and loyal servant Binod could ever find, yet, he never acknowledged his servant. Krishna was overworked, disrespected and consistently humiliated at work. Yet, he earned decent wage and hence did not complain, instead he remained thankful for everything he had.

One unfortunate day, Binod’s wife met a dangerous accident. She was severely injured and rushed to a hospital in Kathmandu. In the hospital, the doctor told Binod that his wife would need as much blood as possible. The only problem was that the blood type needed was B negative—one of the rarest blood types. Binod started looking for blood everywhere. He was desperate. He needed to find some blood as soon as possible. 

As soon as Krishna learnt about the accident, he rushed to the hospital in Kathmandu with the little money he had in his hands. Upon his arrival in the hospital, instead of appreciating his concern, Binod asked him to leave immediately. “How dare you come here? I am sure it’s because of you that we have been cursed with this accident. We should have never let a person of your caste into the house. We shouldn’t 

have let you pollute our household,” Binod started blaming Krishna unnecessarily. 

Krishna was heartbroken. Still, on his way out he asked the doctor about the patient’s status. The doctor unhappily replied, “The blood type she needs is very rare. I don’t think she’ll survive.” Krishna was illiterate but he knew how different people have different blood types and how in case of blood loss, other blood types won’t work. He had learnt this all during the earthquake relief programmes. He asked, “What blood type are you looking for doctor?” When he discovered that the doctor was looking for B negative, he got excited. His was the same blood type. Upon hearing this, the doctor sent him to the lab for a blood test first and then let him donate the blood. “God bless you. You saved the woman’s life.” 

Although Krishna felt bad that Binod had humiliated him, he was glad that he could save the man’s wife. He left quietly, promising himself to never work for Binod ever again. 

At the end of the day, when Binod came to the hospital empty handed and hopeless, he discovered that although still critical, his wife had been saved. Extremely thankful, he asked the doctor, “Who is the angel who saved my wife, doctor? I would like to meet the life-saver, if it wasn’t for the person I would have lost my life partner forever.” The doctor said, “He is somebody you know. He has been a part of your life every day, but you have never accepted his presence. You have never appreciated him. I discovered that you have always humiliated him.” Krishna could not think of anybody. “I’m sure there has been a confusion doctor, I respect everybody.”  

Doctor laughed at him, “You are a lucky man, but you are also a fool. The servant that you disgraced in front of all the hospital staffs this morning saved your wife’s life.” 

After that day, Binod looked for Krishna everywhere to thank him once. But, by the time Binod came home with his recovered wife, Krishna had moved out of his old shed. 

Binod found out from the villagers that Krishna had found a better, higher paying job in Kathmandu itself and his whole family had left the village to never come back again. 

With time Binod felt guiltier. He hated himself every day for being a horrible human being who discriminated against a good human being. He could never thank the man who saved his wife and this left a hole in his heart that could never be filled.   

Aashamsa Dhakal 

Grade 8 

St Mary’s School, Biratnagar

Published: 06-01-2017 08:25

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