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Jan 20, 2017-

While walking from Baneshwor to Pulchok every day, I observe many irrational things that people do. They don’t abide by the rules and apparently don’t feel bound by their moral principles. Some people cross the road furiously and recklessly, some throw garbage from their homes out into the street even though there is a dust bin nearby, and some spit on the roads frequently. These are some common offences that one sees while commuting in the city. There are many other bad things that city dwellers do on a daily basis. These careless people I see everyday do not just represent themselves but the whole country. They represent us, the entire population, including the educated ones. In the old days, all the mistakes were blamed on lack of education. That is not the case now; many people go to school.

I guess most of us are not even aware of these wrong deeds. We throw chocolate wrappers anywhere, and we dump paper anywhere. We don’t really care that all the waste needs to be disposed of properly. We don’t really care about the intensity of the pollution that our one misdeed causes. We smoke around hospitals, around colleges and, most importantly, we don’t even care about the no-smoking zones. We don’t care about the ill effects of passive smoking that people around us experience even though they are not smoking of their own will. I have seen many of us crossing the road haphazardly instead of on the zebra crossing. We don’t notice the white stripes marked on the road, the safe zone. We don’t care about the rules as there is no strict system of punishment for not abiding by them. We don’t cross the road by using the flyover. We are always in a hurry to take the shortest path, not caring about the accidents that our deeds may invite.

Everyone doing these things are not uneducated people. I have seen even doctors spitting on the road, police officers crossing the road in a rush without looking anywhere and political leaders making false promises. What we lack is not education and awareness; we lack morality and rationality. We don’t lack laws, but the will to follow them and the honesty to respect them. I am not saying all of us don’t abide by the rules and make these mistakes. I have taken my observation as a reference. If you are among those people who do not care about breaking the laws, be aware, think of your morality, respect the laws and think a thousand times about the undesirable consequences that your misdeeds can lead to. Don’t follow what people around you are doing; follow the right actions instead. Maintaining honesty is more than being rewarded. Be the change you want to see in 

the world.


Published: 20-01-2017 08:38

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