Student life

  • The future of every person depends upon the education and skills they obtain during this period

Jan 20, 2017-

The time one spends as a student to attain education from formal institutions like school and college is called student life. Though the process of learning continues throughout our life, student life is especially important because we are more goal-oriented in this period. The future of every student depends upon the education that they obtain during this period. 

Student life is a period of learning which expands beyond just preparing lessons and passing exams. In fact, it is a period where foundations for future are laid. Similarly, it is a period of forming good character. A young person with good education will not only go on to become successful but will also play an important role in the development of the nation. 

The knowledge and skills students acquire during the student life eventually lead to the profession they pursue in future. Hence, students have to make appropriate subject and faculty choices. Students must utilise their time wisely to meet their set goals. 

The period is also important in acquiring social virtues such as cooperation and tolerance. A person with good education is capable of adapting to as well as uplifting a society. 

Student life is a precious phase in life. One needs to keep in mind that this is a ‘make or break’ period—if students fail to make the best out of this time, they might end up living a regretful life. 

So, the main duty of students is to study and learn well. Students must be disciplined, dutiful and determined in accomplishing great things in life. They should have respect for their sources of knowledge such as books, teachers and experiences. They should make the best out of available means and resources. 

However, we should not treat education as a burden of life. School life should be spent as joyfully and as productively as possible. Students should participate in recreational and extra-curricular activities at disposal as they are important to maintain a balance between body and mind. 


Sonam Sherpa

Grade 9

Reliance International Academy

Published: 20-01-2017 08:53

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