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Jan 28, 2017-


ARIES [March 21-April 19] 

Sunday through to Tuesday noon, Aries, lay low, play the “behind the scenes” game. Things lighten up come Wednesday, especially, if Ms/Mr Charisma sporting a black vinyl cat suit wielding a whip is focusing negative gossip your way. Wednesday through Friday—you are pumping on all cylinders, aren’t you? With the moon in your sign Tuesday until late Thursday your charisma, sex appeal, powers of persuasion are magnificent. Hey it’s Saturday, could you relax? Just chill with an interesting eccentric, scientifically oriented secularist, humanitarian? 

TAURUS [April 20-May 20]

Taurus you start this week in fine fettle. Sunday to Tuesday, you are perplexed by an enigmatic, charming mystery afoot in your orbit. Watch as this unfolds over the next three days. It’s connected with those directly involved with your career, public persona, your boss or your reputation. There is something not being revealed: meaning these groups are either over indulging in booze, dope, prescription medication or some hidden activity which is not revealed. I simply cannot put my finger on it. So,one just has to wait and see. 

GEMINI [May 21-June 20] 

Sunday to Tuesday, your career,  professionalism, public persona, authorities, those in positions of power, your CEO, for example, all sit up and take notice of you, maybe.  Certainly you have your eyes, ears and nose trained on them. Why? Because there is “something wrong in the state of Denmark”. And over the following 2.5 days, this is exacerbated, churned up by the moon. So any dealings with other people’s money had better be on the up and up cause Karma is real, be wise, be prudent. 

CANCER [June 21-July 22] 

Discussions with your partner, business or marital or with a bestie turns to the talk, Sunday to Thursday. Yes, the subject of money, their money, borrowed money, loans are not only intense—to put it mildly, they are downright transformative. Not a comfortable conversation,nonetheless ‘the talk’ you must have. And Tuesday through Thursday, your boss, or who ever it is you report to exclusively, acts in an extremely authoritarian, warring manner. Saturday, seek out the comfort of good friends and social groups to commiserate regarding the events of this harrowing week. 

LEO [July 23-August 22] 

Brace yourself for a major screw up, Leo. Sunday through Thursday, you have a major snafu. Your subordinates, those who offer you a service, it could be your employees, your housekeeper, your notary public, your postie—it could be your hairdresser! Tomorrow, Sunday, is about to explode in this area of your horoscope, (I just hope to hell you haven’t done anything untoward recently to piss these people off). You will find out this week, cause Karma it seems is instant these days.

VIRGO [August 23-September 22] 

Leo, there is a “deception” at play with a marital, business partner or with a best friend, Sunday through Thursday. Something is up! And it behooves you Virgo, you need physical security, not evasion, deception, not floors beneath you shifting, your relationships require/need solidity in order for you to function at capacity. An event takes place on Wednesday, which will explode, with the force of a lightning bolt through your child’s home. Thursday, you offer a helping hand financially to your kids, it is well worth it.


LIBRA [September 23-October 22] 

Sunday through Tuesday your home, your oasis from the maddening world, your father, your ancestors,  immovable wealth, your legacy, are undergoing a massive shift. Involved are the following culprits: chronic health issues, large institutions, hospitals, prisons, charity groups, foreigners, those from abroad. Your inspirational ability to maintain “peace” will be tested. Thursday, amidst all this action and hullabaloo, your wit, talent and skill must qualm the rumblings of a ferocious force, impenetrable strength, power, dynamism and a verbal onslaught the likes of which one only wishes to observe once in a lifetime! 

SCORPIO [October 23-November 21] 

Over the entire week, your home, ancestors, the elderly, your grandparents  require your undivided attention. Do not delay, time is fleeting. Sunday through Tuesday, tread lightly with your rhetoric, your vernacular, your comments, especially with your children. Do not subjugate the innocent to your rage and wrath. They simply cannot tolerate your heavy vibe, or for that matter your habit of putting them in the deep freeze when you decide to punish them and others by being mute, knock that off too. You, Scorpio, just chill out. 

Sagittarius [November 22-December 21] 

Sunday, there is a heated debate regarding your liquid assets, your cash. It looks like your partner, business or marital significant other, are hot on the warpath. So Sunday through Tuesday, embrace the rapid changes on your home front, with ancestors, especially those on your father’s side, real estate matters, end of life and wealth that is secured. You are filled with a sense of bien etre,  you can embrace some radical new extreme sport with your eldest child. But please be very careful around electrical wires or machinery. 

CAPRICORN [December 22-January 19] 

Sunday through Tuesday, use your inherent power to persuade those naysayers around you. This applies to matters connected to universities, professors, foreign travel, law, philosophy and in-laws. Wednesday, Thursday, focus on issues connected to the following: your home, ancestors, real estate, fixed assets, your father, his side of the family. And avoid arguments with your parents, grandparents; it just ain’t worth it. Friday to Saturday, chill with your romantic love light, enjoy a good meal, do a massage together, get physical in a nonsexual way. 

AQUARIUS [January 20-February 18] 

Happy Birthday Aquarius! Sunday to Tuesday, your personal assets, income, liquidity, cash, assets that are not nailed down are in flux, subject to change, ebb and flow. Tuesday to Thursday, look to your neighbours, younger siblings, short trips of less than 5 days by foot, communications of all types, texts, twitter, Instagram, email, the postie, the UPS guy.  And unfortunately, Aquarius you are caught in the laser beam cross fire and I want you to avoid being in the crosshairs. Be very careful when driving in your hood.

PISCES [February 19-March 20] 

Sunday to Tuesday, your house of finances, cash flow, unsecured assets, like jewellery, clothes, things that are not battened down, enter a forceful drive to engage, take action, to acquire, to spend, to go on a spending spree. All of your mojo to spend will be heightened for the next 41 days. Friends, social groups, associates from work, have had a difficult, if not confrontational impact on your money house. A discussion with friends, really hammers home this statement. Stand your ground if you are being pressured to put out financially, it’s not your responsibility.

Published: 28-01-2017 07:42

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