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Feb 14, 2017-


Dear Aunt,

Valentine’s Day is coming up and it’s only making me fidgety. My girlfriend of two months is expecting a grand gesture of love on the day. Planning a big surprise for her wouldn’t have been a problem a month ago but I am flat out broke at the moment. I’ve been the ‘splurger’ in our relationship and have always loved it. I truly want to make this day special for her, without it denting my pocket. What do I do?


Dear Broke212, 

Heard the phrase ‘When we’re hungry, love will keep us alive’? Well it’s not entirely true but you get the essence. You don’t have to be loaded to make the other person feel loved. One thing you can do together is go to some sunset point in and around Kathmandu and spend some quality time telling her how you want to share 

many more sunsets and sunrises together. If that’s not an option, you might as well get a little crafty and go all DIY. Take an old pack of playing cards lying in some corner of your home, get some plain or colourful papers, some glue, a pen and make a book of 52 reasons why you love her. There are so many under-hundred-rupees gifts you can make at home—and you’ll find the ideas all over internet. You can also maybe watch an old rom-com movie together in a laptop. One way you can make the day memorable is by rescuing and adopting a stray puppy or kitten for her—what better way to celebrate the day of love than by actually embracing and spreading some love. Don’t worry so much, where there is love money should not be an issue. I’m sure she’ll understand even if you honestly tell her how you are broke. ‘It’s the thought that counts’ after all. 


Other side of the world

Dear Aunt,

My boyfriend and I have been together for the past three years. We met while in college and have been in love ever since.  He still lives abroad, while I came back home after my studies. Long distance relationship is hard and it is difficult at times but we are trying to make it work. I wanted this Valentine’s Day to be special but I am at a wit’s end about what I should do.


Dear R, 

Yes, long distance relationships can be very challenging and take every ounce of trust and commitment that you can conjure.  It can be particularly difficult during these ‘special’ days when nothing that you do seem to quite fill the void. But things are what they are, and might as well make the best out of it. If you are looking to do something intimate, despite the distance, why don’t you plan a Skype dinner date? Both of you get a meal for yourselves and eat it together over a video call, heck, you could even dim the lights down and light a few candles. Of course, it does come close to doing it in real life, but at least you would be doing something together and mixing things up a little bit.


Stopping and stalling

Dear Aunt,

I’ve been thinking of proposing to my girlfriend of six years for marriage. I love her with all my heart and she reciprocates my feelings. I feel that she’s the one for me and want to seal the deal. The problem is that her family belongs to a different caste than mine. My girlfriend says that even though her family is fine with us dating, they’ll never approve of our marriage. Should I approach her family first? Or should I surprise her and see where she wants to take it? 


Dear Confused,

Definitely approach your girlfriend before approaching the parents. You want talk to your girlfriend first, make sure you’re in the same page and decide how to approach her parents together. You need to work as a team here. This is also important because marriage is a decision that you take together. Don’t talk over her or decide for her. Respect her space, decision and life plans. I’m sure if you are both certain that you want to spend your life together and know in your hearts that you’ll be happy then you’ll find a way to convince the parents. If you’re going be partners for life, you want to make a solid foundation and take decisions together right from the beginning.

Published: 14-02-2017 09:14

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