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Mar 8, 2017-

You are not just a woman, you are a pure soul that you never knew gives birth to another innocent creature. You are not just a woman. You are strong enough to deal with any problem and hide the pain within yourself, and give an enchanting smile like nothing has happened. You are not just a woman, you are a key to kindness. You are that living entity who can feel the pain of others and take their sorrows as your own, and make them feel relaxed. You have that holy power to reach into someone’s soul through their eyes. You are not just a woman. You are the personification of divinity. 

Sometimes, you are rushed, you feel alone, and have zero idea about what to do. You act like a juvenile, you lock yourself up within the four walls of your room and start laying out pictures of your sorrows on the ceiling above you. You have that courage to figure out the mistakes you have made. You take it as a fault, that subtle thing which you barely understand entangles you from everywhere, and you keep picturing it on the four walls instead of knowing its nuts and bolts.

You take it in your heart, you try to grab it in your small hands. Your eyes bleed, but you don’t care and you are never going to ask for someone’s help because you don’t want others to feel your pain. You are strong enough to grasp the pain of others, but you can’t share your misery with others and help yourself. You keep staring at the walls, the door, your only barrier. But you don’t know if you are brave enough to kick down that door. If you cannot open it, break it into pieces. It is the only barrier between you and your ecstasy. Ecstasy, it reveals itself when you look for it. You, only you can seek it. You have to seek, and you will find it because you are bold, bold enough to change the world.

You are not a woman to grab the pain in your hand anymore, you are that woman whose hand can be a role model to society, and make a difference to the country or even the world. People have been wrong all the time judging you by saying that women are good for nothing, but you have already proved your worth in every sphere of your life. You are bold, bold enough to hold everything behind you, besides you, in front of you and everywhere. You are that worthy! Let them say what they want, but you will never give up on yourself. You are that worthy! You are not going to give up because the one who resembles the Almighty never gives up.


Published: 08-03-2017 08:36

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