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Mar 9, 2017-

Whenever I plan to catch up with my friends on weekdays after office hours, the first thing that comes to my mind is whether there are buses or tempos to return home. I rely on public transportation, and I have to arrange my schedule accordingly. 

I am always scrambling because catching a bus after 8pm is a tough task. Saturday is my only day off, and there isn’t time for all the meetings, get-togethers and functions that I have to go to. So I always wish there was public transport available at least until 10 at night. This has everything to do with the economy as much as public welfare. Research has shown that economic activities get a boost from longer opening hours of shopping centres, pubs or bars and availability of public transportation. When markets remain open for a longer period, nobody is forced to return home early and add to traffic jams.

People who rely on public transport will certainly wait for night buses to travel comfortably without being stuck on the road. Somebody working at his private firm cannot think of working beyond normal working hours if he depends on public transport to return home.People might argue that having a private vehicle will allow one to depart from the office at the time one wishes, but this is not a solution for everyone as not all will be able to afford a car. Moreover, there is a growing trend towards mass transportation these days.

Due to the problem of overcrowded streets being seen globally, attempts are being made to minimise jams by keeping public transport running until midnight. So if we can have public transport in Kathmandu at least until 10pm, a vast majority including students and office bearers will benefit. Everybody who leaves for home early will just be spending time with their families, watching TV or having a chat with friends. This brings no economic benefits to anybody. Spending time with one’s family will undoubtedly create a better family environment, but reducing that time to promote one’s business is of great significance too. 

The recent introduction of night buses by Sajha Yatayat in the Kathmandu Valley has been received as amazing news. Though it is said to be only on a trial phase, it has spread excitement among the people as they will not need to travel in overpriced taxis anymore. I hope the night buses will be a success, and that the system will be extended to other major cities in the country.Our country is in serious need of an economic boost, and we can’t imagine it happening unless we change our working style. This can be achieved by lengthening our working hours. The availability of public transport for longer periods will definitely encourage all of us to use our working capacity to the fullest. This will benefit us and the whole country. 


Published: 09-03-2017 09:05

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