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- Prajesh SJB Rana

Mar 14, 2017-

I have been wondering what the ‘Google FRP Lock’ does and about the disadvantages of leaving it on. And is it also beneficial to ‘Block Google FRP Lock’ when rooting an Android device?


Dear Joie,

The FRP lock stands for Factory Reset Protection lock, and it’s an important tool to keep your smartphone and the information within it safe. What this feature does is it locks the ability to factory reset your phone without logging on to the Google account the phone had been signed into. A feature that started with Android Lollipop, the feature was implemented so that any unauthorized user could not wipe the phone easily. Since Google also depends on the account for a lot of their emergency tracking services, being signed out of the device would be catastrophic in an incident of theft. So, I would advise leaving the feature on but you might have to turn it off for certain third-party ROMs, so see if the ROM that you want to install requires disabling the FRP lock. If it does, do it; if not, I would recommend keeping it on.There aren’t any necessary disadvantages of the FRP lock, it should only be an issue if you decide to pass on your phone to someone else. If you give them the phone without disabling the FRP lock, they’ll have a hard time factory resetting the device because it’s locked to your account. So make sure you disable the feature when you pass it on but keep it on otherwise.  

I am currently facing a problem with my PC where whenever I try to open a file or a folder, I get a message asking me if I want to delete it. I have been unable to work because of this issue and I can’t seem to resolve it. What is happening and how do I fix it?

— Mr A

Dear Mr A,

This is definitely the handy work of a virus or a malicious software. Your system has been infected with a virus and you will run some comprehensive scans to get rid it. First, download MalwareBytes from and performing a full system scan. If you have an Anti-virus software installed, I would recommend performing a full system scan on it too. After you’ve scanned your PC for viruses, download CCleaner from and scan your registry for any errors. Backup your registry before repairing anything. After that’s done, open a command prompt window with elevated privileges and type the command ‘regsvr32 /i shell32.dll’. Now reboot your system and see if everything is working fine, it not, you might have to format your PC and reinstall Windows. 



I own a gaming PC but for some reason, the PC shuts down whenever I load up some games on it. If I don’t game on the computer, then the computer works fine but as soon as I start a game, the PC shuts down. What could be the issue?

—Gagan Shrestha 

Dear Gagan,

This usually happens when your power-supply unit (PSU) can’t handle the power needs of your computer. When the internal hardware of your computer is not getting 

the power it requires for it to run well, it shuts down. I recommend visiting and calculating the power needs of your computer and investing in a new PSU that is higher than the overall power consumption of your system. But before you invest in a new PSU, I would advise formatting your system and installing Windows anew so that any malicious software that might be causing the issue should be resolved. If reformatting your computer does not help, then I would advise replacing the power-supply unit. These symptoms are also related to a dying PSU and replacing a PSU should help you in both situations. 

Published: 14-03-2017 09:18

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