The roaming library

Mar 17, 2017-

I had never thought that mobile libraries existed. That’s why when I saw the Book Bus in my school ground one early morning, I was amazed. The bus reached us after hundreds of kilometres of travel from the Capital. When the door on the side of bus opened, we saw well arranged rows of books inside.

We all gathered around the bus to read. It was not possible for all to read at the same time. Hence, the teachers managed a class-wise reading system. There were a lot of students so we had to wait till the next day for their turn. Who would like to miss a chance to read in the wonderful sunshine of Magh?

The bus, also known as a roaming library, had wonderful books with poems, stories and novels. I looked at some beautiful novels and pretty picture books. There also was a big screen inside the bus to give the children practical knowledge about different things.

I wanted to know more about the mobile library. I came to know that this bus was started with help from the American Embassy in November 2013. The main objective of this bus is to give children knowledge and idea about books and readership and also to provide information services in rural areas. There are two buses like this one at present.

I also found that the Embassy has helped create a book-tuk by modifying an electric tempo. It goes to different community schools in the Valley. This vehicle also has solar-powered wireless internet service. Students can learn to use computer and visit educational sites with help of it.

The book-tuk reaches different community schools according to demand. It gives opportunity to read a variety of books. The students can read and enjoy the books for a week. 

The American Embassy, we learned, has been involved in literacy programs with support from American Corner since 2004. American Library was established in1952 to increase the understanding between the citizens of our two nations. Now, there are eight libraries in eight different parts of the country. Book-tuk and book bus are the new versions of the same.

The main aim of establishing such library is to build reading habit in the youth, to exchange culture and to improve English speaking and writing skills. The bus reaches different corners of the nation and teaches the students how to enjoy books. I was very happy when the bus came to the school and was saddened when it continued on with its journey. The bus has made my love for books even strong and I cannot wait until it comes back!

- Rhythm Sah

Grade 9  

Adarsh Secondary School, Biratnagar

Published: 17-03-2017 08:31

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