New session is just round the corner, here’s what some schools have to offer

  • The new academic session starts in about a month, and schools across the country have started enrolling students. For parents, choosing good schools is a tough task. Samipa Khanal of The Kathmandu Post talked to officials of some sought after schools in
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Mar 21, 2017-

Akshara School 

Anju Bhattarai, Principal

Akshara School believes in “Sanskar Yukta Sikshya” and provides opportunities for holistic development in a child-friendly environment. Our unique LRPA (Learning-Reinforcement-Practice-Application) module does not limit our students only to text books. We have Information and Communications Technology (ICT)-enhanced classrooms and we offer creative life skills approaches which make teaching-learning process more enjoyable. Our mission is to make our students global citizens as we emphasise on inculcating the values of honesty and responsibility. Our strength also lies in our earthquake-resistant physical infrastructure. Besides, we also believe in educating children intellectually as well as morally, firmly accepting the culture of “Balancing Educating the Mind with Educating the Heart”. 

Apex Life School

Subas Neupane, Executive Director

We envision that Apex Life School would become one of the most preferred and exemplary learning centers in Nepal by inheriting best educational philosophy and practices to nurture and hone every child’s individual talent and skill, by dint of which, they shall exhibit a direct balance between learnt lessons and lived experiences, and become responsible citizens guided by moral and ethical values. We strive to empower each student through the right blend of modern education, appropriate skills and deep-rooted spiritual values to develop our students to be curious and confident risk-takers in life with utmost compassion and patience. 

Api School

Lokraj Giri, CEO  

Api offers a multi-disciplinary curriculum, experienced faculty members, technology-driven classes and a pragmatic approach to teaching-learning, enabling all-sphere development of a child. Here at Api, a child grows everyday with sound mind, life skills and ethics. Api School nurtures young minds into being icon(s) regardless of which career they choose to pursue. We groom individuals to think out of the box, and awaken the hidden talents inculcating the notion of altruism, critical thinking and innovation making our children ready to compete with global citizens. Within a short period of time, Api has become one of the finest schools in the country. 

CG Education

Bhushan Gurung, Academic Head

CG Education is a unit of Chaudhary Group, the largest corporate house of Nepal. CG Education manages educational institutions from play group to post graduate level. In the school segment, it manages The Chandbagh School, SLC Block, The Chandbagh School, CBSE Block, The Chandbagh School, Pre-Primary Block, Campion School [SLC], Campion School, Pre-Primary Section, Campion Kathmandu School and Delhi Public School, Birgunj. Our pledge is to give the best possible learning experiences to our students. When we speak about quality education, we are talking about pragmatic ways of teaching. 

The Excelsior School

Ram Basnet, Managing Director 

The Excelsior School has brought the latest pedagogical methods in our classrooms creating a loving, challenging and rewarding environment with the cumulative efforts of professional academic squad and deft managerial team. Along with the best human resources, we facilitate learning with our richly resourced library, well-equipped science lab and well-managed computer lab where they can explore their new horizons every moment. We have ensured that every Excelsiorian gets chance to utilise their full potential in every possible way. With equal emphasis on curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities, we provide the children with ample opportunities to embolden themselves via methods of learning. 


Kanchan Mary Pradhan, Vice Principal

Genius School is a candidate school for International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IBPYP) and being part of it, we value the diversity of cultures and perspectives that exist in local, national and global communities. The school that implements IBPYP commits itself to working towards developing International Mindedness in the whole school community that includes students, parents and staff. IBPYP is a curriculum framework that is based on the best practices and findings of extensive research. We are committed to educating all students to do their personal best in order to prepare them to cope with the challenges of tomorrow’s world.

Himalayan White House World School 

Yuvaraj Sharma, President

Himalayan White House World School offers innovative teaching strategies that aim beyond the test to create lifelong learners and achievers. Our lessons are driven by cross-fertilisation of ideas, team games, competitions and collaborative works. Through an online learning system, we enable our students to become proficient at the technological tools that have become the standard across the globe. We are now into our 17 years and we have already gained significant achievements, success stories and lifetime memories of young hearts and agile minds. Aided with modern library and laboratories, all classes are equipped with smart-boards. 

Kanjirowa National Secondary School

Kapil Dev Regmi, Executive Director

Kanjirowa provides education in a resourceful, friendly, project based, participatory and experiential teaching learning pedagogy. Our curriculum is designed to facilitate our students explore their learning process, motivating them to enhance their confidence and self esteem.  Students at Kanjirowa are avid readers and they must read at least half a dozen books in one academic session. The abundance use of a wide range of resources makes teaching-learning activities very rich and resourceful. Similarly, our individual attention to learning aptitude, intelligence, needs and abilities of our students contributes to their overall wellbeing. We systematically record their mental, physical and emotional progress and make the learning more purposeful and creative. 

Dr. Homnath Bhattarai

Chairman, Nepal Mega School

 Mega School has been running under the management of Mega Education Foundation with consolidating diverse skills, rich experiences, endeavours and visions of competent and seasoned scholars and academicians. Our school follows the qualitative standard including skilled teachers, proper infrastructure and educative environment. We also offer high quality education comprised of variety of curricular and extra-curricular activities for the overall personality development of students. It has maintained a conducive and familial environment for academic promotion. Students are guided to learn from practical method in domestic manner that suits our education system and environment.

National Creative Co-educational School 

Shankar Raj Joshi, Principal

As our motto “Achievement for All through the Pursuit of Excellence” suggests, we are moving forward to achieve our goal to produce self-sustained and successful citizens willing to devote their skills and knowledge for the betterment of their country and society. Along with imparting basic education in classroom, our institution lays stress on the core values of life such as integrity, excellence, adaptability, responsibility, engagement and collaboration. Besides education, students are involved in extracurricular activities such as sports, yoga, exhibitions, excursions, dance, music and art and crafts. We provide them with hygienic food and healthy environment for their overall development. 

Nisarga Batika School

Kamana Regmi, Principal 

Nisarga Batika School provides holistic, relevant and meaningful education to its learners.  As an experiential learning school, Nisarga Batika offers an environment where each individual looks upon the world as their classroom. They value self-motivated learning as a way of life. The school engages learners in real world experiences and encourages them to focus on critical thinking, self discovery and creativity. The school aspires to be a place where individuals become their natural selves, with respect for self, others and the environment. The primary objective of the school is to nurture skills and values that students can carry with them for the rest of their lives. 

Nobel Academy

Surendra Shrestha, Founder Chairperson

Nobel Academy, a center for academic excellence, is all set to add its quality and need-based education in Nepal abiding with the curriculum with its highly experienced and competitive faculties. The student friendly operational technique and co- and extra-curricular activities in this institution not only feed academic knowledge but also encourage and motivate students to become better global citizens. Established with the vision of building strong positive connection with students considering their independency, confidence and academic excellence, we aim to provide a safe place where everyone is valued.  We are committed to imparting academic excellence to the students in order to develop social awareness and civic responsibility in them. 

Olympia World School

Sirish Khadka, Founder Director/Principal

Olympia World School is helping children grow intellectually, physically, culturally, aesthetically and spiritually along with human values. We aspire to mould holistically healthy children and we ensure that our school curriculum is enriched with value-based education. It is of paramount importance that we are at par with the latest and the best of educational practices followed worldwide. We are determined to provide safe, orderly, disciplined and creative environment, child-centred learning and practical based pedagogy to channelise the potential of children in an effective manner and guide them for the excellence in all fields of learning.

Premier International IB World School

Pravina Thapa, Curriculum Director

Premier International IB World School is the first of its kind in Nepal to provide the internationally acclaimed IB Curriculum which sets a high standard for academic rigour. Premier prepares students for an ever changing world by embedding academic expectations, life skills and attitudes in the teaching and learning process such that education does not stay limited to theory and certificates. Premier takes pride in delivering individual support to the students requiring differentiation to cater to the needs of each child. Premierians are in general happy, confident and caring individuals and exhibit a high capacity to handle academic rigour and carry out sustained in-depth study. 

Galaxy Public School

Gita Rana, Chairperson

 Galaxy Public School is an educational community where students and staff of various nationalities and background live, study and work together in a congenial atmosphere. We aim to provide an all round education in which children are prepared to face any crisis in life with moral dignity and to become useful and loyal citizens of the country. We conduct range of activities that helps in developing a full personality and to bring out the talents of the students for their own benefit and that of society as a whole. At Galaxy, every student has the opportunity to participate in all kinds of activities.

Reliance Public School

Rabindra Jung Thapa, Chairman

Reliance Public School firmly stands for academic excellence right from the time of its establishment. We are concerned about developing the ability to work in a diverse international team including effective learning from and contributing to the learning of others. The expertise of our subject teachers develop and ensure the inclusive and equitable quality education. We have good coverage of extracurricular activities that incorporates academics, hygienic and balanced diet, language teachings by the native tutors, student- centred teaching, well furnished spacious classrooms with learning friendly atmosphere, virtuous class to develop balance in the daily schedule. 

Riviera International Academy

Prajwal Koirala, Principal

Riviera International Academy aims at developing confident and resourceful individuals who lead productive lives while contributing to their society, country and their world. Riviera has ensured digital education to the students by means of smart classes and e-library and research based teaching learning process. The students here are evaluated through Continuous Assessment System (CAS), a universal model of evaluation. The school has managed ECA classes on thirteen varied streams under creative arts, sports and social service acts. Riviera has paved the way for 21st century education which makes the learners efficient enough to compete in the global market successfully.  

Triyog High School

Niladri S Parial, Principal

Based on our core values of honesty, respect, integrity and sensitivity towards self and the people, Triyog delivers the national curriculum with progressive, child-centred teaching methodologies, to impart 21st century skills to our students. We have an inspiring teaching-learning environment where students are taught to be research-focused, learn-by-doing and take responsibility of their own learning under expert guidance and mentorship from a skilled, trained faculty. Our strong co-and-extra-curricular curriculum focuses on all-round development of students. All the way through rich community links and partnerships we provide students with ample exposure that augments classroom learning.

Trungram International Academy

Neera Pradhan, Principal 

We believe that education is indispensable part of our personal and social life. It is the level of education that helps people earn respect and recognition. Fostering basic principles of compassion, humanity and reasoning is the foundation of our teaching methodology. A child understands the essence of life and gains invaluable knowledge about their surroundings under the supervision of all capable educators. Today’s world needs a holistic child who is intellectually smart, socially acceptable, emotionally stable and physically strong. To empower child with all the needs of education, we try to create environment and share the responsibilities with our stake holders.  

Valley View English School

Dhruba Prasad Pokharel, Principal 

We aim at imparting quality education along with high degree of social respect and morality. All students have an opportunity to work individually or in a wide variety of play, socialisation and learning tasks. We nurture the children for physical, mental, social and spiritual growth. We are proud to state that we got the highest mark all over Nepal in the SLC results of 2071 BS. We believe each child is born with unique and divine potential and we provide them environment to grow, to build confidence and to be self-motivated to materialise the goal of life in future accordingly. 

Sanskriti School 

Deepti Bhattarai, Principal

We follow the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) which is a comprehensive curriculum with a clear process of learning and with specific learning goals. We focus on the personal goals of our learners and help them enhance qualities such as enquiry, adaptability, resilience, morality, communication, thoughtfulness, cooperation and respect. We also prepare our children to think globally and include international goals in our curriculum. We aim to build men and women with leadership qualities and integrity providing feasible opportunities to all. We do not believe in forcing education upon children but to make them want to study and making them partners in the learning experience.


Ace School

Ajaya Ghimire, Chairperson 

Ace School, like all other Ace educational institutions, provides student-centred learning environment.  While our students learn and develop, they enjoy the process of their development. The school is committed to the philosophy that every child can learn, not all children learn the same way, and not all will learn at the same pace. We value academic excellence and holistic development of children. We emphasise that children develop key competencies required to successfully navigate the challenges and opportunities the modern-day world offers.  Our children must learn to act independently and assume responsibility for their actions and behaviours.

KMC School

Dwarika Amgain, Principal 

KMC provides child-friendly environment with a culture of hard work, ownership and encouragement. We have well-equipped ECD labs, Science Lab, Computer Labs, AV and Language Labs and Libraries with safe and spacious playgrounds with Indoor and Outdoor Sports. We have progressive Education with Smart Classes and Classroom Reference Corners in Junior Classes. We have hygienic and spacious canteen and Dining Hall. There is a diverse CCA and ECA facilities including Quality Circles, Red-cross and Scouts Training. We provide knowledge through training and professional development unit. We also have Positive Behavioural Interventions and Supports (PBIS) approach to produce disciplined students. 

DAV Sushil Kedia Bishwo Bharati

Anil Kedia

 DAV school provides value based education to the children, with an aim to produce better individuals and human beings. Our objective is to transfer today’s society into an ideal and civilised society. We always focus on promoting the essence of self confidence, controlling senses, moral behaviour, duty bound and devotion to eastern values and heritage. As our name suggests, Dayanand Anglo-Vedic, we promote both the eastern traditions and the western technologies. We teach our students to have emotional balance and we provide them with the basic essence of life that helps them become in a sensible human being.

Nightingale Secondary School

Ranjana Pradhan, Principal

Having a long history of 24 years, Nightingale School has developed a new way of teaching and learning for the students to know, to do, to be and to live together. Learning through experience helps children to deal with any complex situation in life. We firmly believe in team work. Our school has established itself as a new brand for educating children in town. Over 2,500 students have graduated from our school obtaining best results. We had started just with 40-50 students and now we have seen our students excelling in whatever fields they have chosen.


Sudesha School

Madhu Lohani, Principal

Sudesha School believes in experiential learning, participatory approach and progressive education. Our education system is child centric and we teach through the lens of learners.  When it comes to extracurricular activities, Sudesha provides different facilities to its children like horse riding, swimming and martial arts among others. We also have multiple textbook approaches and our children must read at least a dozen of extra books, magazines and book reviews. We are a British Council partner school that follows learning exchange programmes under student quality circle.

The Whitehouse Mountain School

Tilak Sharma Poudel, Founder

Our quality resides in producing ethical, talented and responsible students. While developing the personality of students and helping them enhance their capability, we organise extracurricular activities and also focus on classroom presentations. All the facilities that a school provides like science labs, computer labs, libraries, presentation halls are managed in our school. We encourage our children to participate in swimming, field visits, educational excursions and various inter-school competitions. 

Laliguras Batika Secondary School

Sudarson Parajuli, Director

We have student centric education system and provide education, knowledge and skills for overall development of the students. We aim to produce students with life leading capacity, culture and someone with a highly traditional character. There are trained teachers, child friendly classrooms, technical and practical education formats, timely visit of experts and intellectuals. We believe in lively teaching process and provide scholarship schemes to the top three best performing students every month. We are starting classes for grade 11 from the upcoming year. 

Xavier International School 

Gopal Bhandari, Executive Director


Xavier International School is a comprehensive school offering a rigorous academic programme while integrating the visual and performing arts and sporting activities each and every school day. We have a unique learning environment where dedicated teachers inspire students to realise their potential as individuals, as students, as artists, and as members of a local and global community. Students receive all necessary academic support, and participate in advanced learning opportunities during enrichment classes that take place each term. Through strong partnerships among teachers, parents, students and the community, we provide outstanding, innovative and individualised education that challenges and motivates each child to achieve his/ her personal best. 

Published: 21-03-2017 10:15

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