Hotter the Earth, the more dangerous it is

Apr 7, 2017-

Global warming, to put it simply, is the overall increase in the temperature of the Earth. Even a small rise in the temperature of just 2 degrees Fahrenheit or 1.1 degree Celsius can have serious effects on the climate and the weather. Warmer sea surface temperatures will result in frequent storms and hurricanes in countries near oceans and in other parts of the world as well. 

Climate change seems natural, but it is not. Climate change is the result of human activities. 

Earth was formed 4.6 billion years ago, and living beings appeared on its surface only over the next billion years. Initially the climate was healthy for living beings on Earth, but it is different now. Human beings have polluted the Earth. And due to the misuse of resources, some places on Earth are too hot, while others are too cool and some receive too much rain, while others suffer from droughts. 

The main cause behind climate change is the greenhouse effect which is caused by greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases are important for Earth as they absorb the heat from the sun to maintain a perfect temperature for plants and animals.  Without greenhouse gases the average temperature of Earth’s surface would be as cold as -18 °C. 

But human activities have been producing more and more greenhouse gases which have unnecessarily warmed up the Earth’s surface. A large amount of greenhouse gases can become harmful for living beings as it leads to global warming. Human requirements such as petroleum and meat are the most common contributors to this. Human needs are growing with the human population and the population will not decrease any time soon. 

In the context of Nepal, especially in Kathmandu, the population has been increasing. More people mean more needs, such as vehicles and industries, and more needs mean more greenhouse gases. 

Everything from what we wear to what vehicle we ride is contributing to climate change. A simple example is that of cars that run on fossil fuels or the firewood used for cooking. Have you ever wondered where smoke from vehicles or firewood goes? The smoke that goes up in the air and disappears in the sky actually pollutes the environment and helps in destroying the thickness of the ozone layer which surrounds the Earth. 

We need to control our needs to control global warming. The second thing to do is to not waste energy and resources unnecessarily. Third thing to do is to preserve natural resources. The last but not the least, we need to stop deforestation and start planting more trees. Scientists from all over the world have agreed that global warming is a serious problem that is growing worse. Global warming is affecting some parts of the world more quickly than others. 

We human beings should understand that the future of our planet now depends on how we treat the planet. Global warming is a very serious problem today. And we must all unite in stopping it. Protecting the Earth is everyone’s responsibility. The good news is that it only requires a little effort from an individual to make big differences in the world. 


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Published: 07-04-2017 08:23

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