Mother nature and her lessons

Apr 7, 2017-

When we say ‘nature’, vivid pictures of waterfalls, mountains and birds chirping simultaneously come to our mind. Nature has influenced us in such a way that most of the arts we make, words we speak and life we live result from it. The influence of nature on humans is so great that nature is easily associated with every aspect of our lives. Nature shapes our lives to a great extent. 

More than just trees and animals, nature also happens to be one of the oldest sources of inspiration for human beings. Even today with all the technology and knowledge that we possess, nature continues to impress us. In fact, since the very beginning, we human beings have been intrigued by the laws governing nature. 

Nature has had a huge influence on our language too. For example, till date we use age-old metaphors—such as ‘a voice as sweet as a nightingale’, ‘as curious as a hummingbird’, and ‘as diligent as a woodpecker’—that compare human life with nature. Poetry, prose and styles of the literature in every language have been directly or indirectly influenced by nature itself.

However, in the present-day world, we humans are found in a desperate competition with the laws of nature. Instead of preserving them, we are irrationally draining all the resources that nature has to offer to us. 

The times when we used to sit on a plain hillside and marvel at the perfection of the clouds and the sky are long gone. We may think that we have learnt everything that could possibly be learnt from nature; but the thing is we don’t really know even 10 percent of the facts about nature. We still have so much to learn, but learning only comes with love and respect.

One important philosophy we can learn from nature is give but do not expect anything in return. The philosophy teaches us to help one another with honesty from our hearts. It teaches us to be giving and not selfish. 

Nature also teaches us that just like songbirds that do not give up singing just because winter has arrived, we should not stop what we do and give up on who we are just because the environment around us has altered. Nature 

teaches us to have faith and believe in god things that lie ahead of us because every winter is followed by a spring, every night is followed by a morning.  

Nature also teaches us to make peace with one another and co-exist in harmony. Nature is a home to all sorts of birds and animals, we are all nature’s babies and she is our mother. The world was never supposed to be a place of war but we humans need to be reminded of this fact. 

Nature is our teacher, nature is our muse, and nature is our mother; hence, it is important that we protect and preserve it and learn as much as we can from it. 


Sujyana Pradhan

Class 9

Triyog HS School

Published: 07-04-2017 08:27

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