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Apr 7, 2017-

Our political system has not remained constant for a very long time. We have seen so many kinds of political systems from the ancient period till now. We became supporters of all the regimes that came during different times and periods. Now we have a democratic political system which is regarded as the best political system in the world, but it has become the nastiest system for us. Neither has the political system changed nor have the people; we have just seen new leaders and political factions of all kinds. We are very politically conscious, but our respect for political ethics has not developed yet. Before elections, we youths have always maintained a positive attitude towards good leaders regardless of which political party they belong to. Some leaders who have good political, economic, social and systematic knowledge think youths are behind them, and that they can change the traditional political system with the help and support of neutral youths. 

      But when an election is declared or when an election nears, these new party leaders become worthless and useless. This raises a question of why they cannot behave the same way all the time. Is it because our political leaders have a blood relation with their favourite party that we can’t change the system? Can only political parties and their leaders change the system? Aren’t we capable of bringing about a political transformation? We youths are the drivers of the country. 

    We are young in terms of age only, not views and knowledge. Why can’t we become leaders too? All political parties start their election manifesto by saying that they have youths and that their leaders are young. 

    They also say that their authority will be handed over to youths in the coming elections or the next general convention. But when an election or convention comes near, our leaders change their tone.  We youths wait and wait for the time when we have made enough sacrifices, then we become mature, and we also repeat the same words to the next generation of youths because we only know the system which we have learnt. So we youths have never changed till now. We have ruined many leaders and political parties which were launched on the basis of our supposed neutral views and thoughts before the election. If we do not change the customary political system and select the best leaders, we will be seeing political transition permanently. We have to prove that we are the drivers of the country, not traditional political parties.


Published: 07-04-2017 08:04

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