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Apr 12, 2017-

One morning, as the sun leaked in through a crack in the window, I suddenly woke up from my dream. I looked around, it was my first real opportunity to closely examine the room I had been renting for the past four years. There was nothing in my room except an old mat, a bed and a stove in the corner. The empty floor was large enough for me to spread out my books. One of my classmates, seeing my bare room devoid of even a table and chair, had once asked me in despair, “Is this your room?” I had seen my friends adorn their rooms with racy posters of Hollywood celebrities. I too desired to do so sometimes. But my morals would hold me back, and I would feel ashamed of myself. That was the reason behind my room being completely undecorated. Even the colour was irritatingly white. 

In about one more day, I would be leaving that room and the country and disappear without leaving a trace. I might settle down in a foreign land where nobody knows me. Tossing sleeplessly on the bed, I began thinking: It would be this room that I would miss so much. The feeling of going abroad for higher studies and leaving this room behind made me lose control of my emotions. I could hear the room whispering to me, “It’s only a day before your departure, and then you will drift away from me. I will become stale in your absence. I will get lost in the silence.” Nothing made me feel more alive than this feeling of my rented room lamenting my departure.

Whenever I think back about my past, I would find my free, frantic childhood still alive, fresh and overwhelming in some corner of my mind. I remember watching Hindi TV serials about Hindu gods and demons fighting to ensure that truth and justice prevailed in the world. Back then, watching TV before going to bed was the only medium of entertainment for me. But now I understand that these stories of Hindu gods that used to stir my soul in my dreams later developed into morals, 

civilisation and Hinduism in me. In a similar fashion, the feelings that I had on the last day in my rented room strengthened the notions of my connection with my surroundings. 

It is hard to understand how one’s mind works. Sometimes, the value of the things we have don’t make much sense until we lose them or we realise that we are going to lose them. It is often said that beautiful things don’t last long. Life is beautiful, so it doesn’t last forever. I believe that if one’s heart is filled with love, compassion and forgiveness, life reveals its true meaning. One thing is for sure, life’s lessons often come across one’s path like a rented room. 

Published: 12-04-2017 08:00

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