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Apr 14, 2017-

Recently, I watched a movie called Swiss Army Man. It is about a man who gets lost on an island and gets a handy “dead man” who helps him in a difficult situation. Even though this film wasn’t released in Nepal, I had keenly been waiting to watch this movie as it stars Daniel Radcliffe who played Harry Potter in the Harry Potter Series and is a very versatile actor. Paul Dano, who also stars in the movie, was amazing in his role as well. I first heard about Swiss Army Man when I watched Radcliffe in an interview on YouTube. He was explaining the plot of the movie and I was instantly sold!

Being a Potterhead (a term used to describe Harry Potter’s Fans), I really wanted to watch this movie. I really loved the perspective about life it explains. Being stranded on a deserted island leaves young Hank (Paul Dano) bored, lonely and without hope. Hanging a rope around his neck, Hank prepares to end it all, until he suddenly spots a man (Daniel Radcliffe) lying by the shore. Unfortunately, he is dead and quite flatulent. The dead man’s brain, as gadget geeks say, is a factory reset, which means that he doesn’t remember anything and is similar to a new born child but the only difference is that he is big and can talk. Then, Hank explains about life and about love through their journey to Manny’s home. They simulate different aspects of life which helps Manny understand things better. The movie brings to the audience a different perspective about life which I thought was very fascinating. Beautifully played by Daniel Radcliffe and Paul Dano, this film is comparatively one of the best releases of this year and I would recommend everyone to watch it.


Sakchhyat Bhandary

Grade 9

Loyalty Academy


Published: 14-04-2017 08:45

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