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  • Good habits create strong personalities

Apr 14, 2017-

The word ‘habit’ seems simple enough but it differs from one person to another. Different people have different habits, which can be generally divided into good habits and bad habits.

These habits are certain day-to-day activities that dictate our life. For instance, reading a book every night is a habit. This might be called a good habit. Dancing and brushing teeth might also be categorised as good habits. Bathing regularly, cleaning your room, maintaining a good hygiene and healthy eating habits are further examples. 

Good habits keep us healthy—both mentally, physically and emotionally—and often reflect in the personality of a person. So, it is ideal to follow and keep good habits. 

On the other hand, there are certain habits that can be enlisted as bad habits such as biting your nails, spitting here and there and using foul language. These kinds of habits are collected by not keeping in mind good manners. In every society, such habits are frowned upon. There are a lot of people who still follow such habits. These habits can take a toll on your personality as well. For instance, say a respected person is found picking his nose in public, what would that do to their personality and image?

Habits play a big role in how a person is perceived of in the society. So, it is important that people maintain good habits and slowly get rid of their 

bad ones. Today’s world is fast changing, and personality and public perception play a great role in your success and failure, and good habits and manners are more important than ever. 

So to sum it up, good habits are really important and I would like to encourage 

everyone to maintain them, especially school children, because we are laying the foundation of our future through the habits we keep. 


Swayam Shah

Grade 8

Gyanodaya Bal Batika

Published: 14-04-2017 08:43

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