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Apr 14, 2017-

On a recent sunny day; I was walking towards my home. I was alone and feeling hungry. As my home was still quite far away, I thought of buying bananas. 

I bought some from a shop nearby and started to peel one of them. As I peeled the banana, I faced a problem. Where was I to throw the banana peel? I was about to just throw it on the road but I suddenly remembered that we should throw garbage in dustbin. My Social Studies teacher at school had taught me to throw garbage in dustbins. But I noticed that there was no dustbin around me and I felt quite foolish carrying the peel in my hand. Soon I started feeling uncomfortable. I was debating whether I should just to throw it on road or carry it home. 

I suddenly began to think about how if I were rich I would put dustbins everywhere so that we would have a cleaner society. The things we learn in our textbooks, after all, are only useful if the society provides enough support in real life. If everyone, for example, puts one dustbin out in public, the problem will have already found a solution.

Without a dustbin around, I needed to carry the banana peel home, which I did. After reaching home, I asked my father that “Why don’t we put dustbins out in public?” He replied, “If I and other people living in the society perform activities which are helpful for everyone, the country would become developed. But nobody thinks like that.” Though we might have good ideas and try to do so, we alone can solve very little because we need to do things in group. If every person is ready to take initiatives together then our country would become developed and we could accomplish things faster. If only we all rose up for the good!


Sanskar Dhakal 

Grade 6 

SOS Hermann Gmeiner Higher Secondary School, Kavre

Published: 14-04-2017 08:45

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