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Apr 21, 2017-Who says we cannot develop a relationship with China (‘Our proximity to India doesn’t mean we can’t develop close ties with China’, April 17, Page 6)?China has given us beautiful roads, a Constituent Assembly/Parliament building, a civil servants’ hospital, pledges of boundless monetary aid, joint military drills, and numerous other things. But we should not switch our allegiance at the drop of a hat. We should be man enough to stand up to both our neighbours and let them know that we will maintain relations with both India and China. We should also show our steadfast sincerity and let them know that their security concerns will always be important to us. 

I am sure India will not have any problems with our friendship with China. And China has made it clear that we should not poison our special relationship with India. India is a country with which we not only share open geography and cultural affinity, but also physical similarities, and similar patterns of mentality. Our intellectuals should stop wasting their time on such debates and go full steam ahead with a message of our friendship to China. 

- Manohar Shrestha, via email


I was filled with nostalgia after reading a recent article (´Saving for nothing’, April 14, Page 6). The writer´s mesmeric words struck a chord and made me think about the meaning of life. I can relate the writer’s experience of life with mine. I had also saved about Rs50,000 in my bank account about a year ago. My mother used to suggest that I should try to save money whenever I spent a bit too much buying Barcelona football kits. While I would exult in my flamboyant, new Barcelona kit, my mother would continually urge me to save money for the future. 

Yet I was enjoying my life to the fullest by doing what made me happy. Unfortunately, our contemporary society restricts our right to freedom to act as per our desires. For example, why can’t girls ride a Pulsar or a bullet bike, or whatever they like if they want? Why must they be restricted by society and be compelled to resent society for being unfair towards women. And why can’t boys grow their hair if they get genuine pleasure by doing so?

My point is that parents need to be empathetic, compassionate, understanding and friendly when it comes to dealing with their children. These days, parents are so busy that they barely dedicate time for their kids. I am not the one to judge. I am simply attempting to make parents realise that they need to foster better relationships with their children. The gap in communication is the factor that deteriorates the situation the most. Parents need to understand the psychology of their children, instead of constantly judging them. 

- Sanjog Karki, Palpa


This has reference to the news story (‘Mount Everest braces for traffic jams’, April 16, Page 1). We repeatedly hear news of this kind, reporting ‘traffic jams’ on Mount Everest. Concerned authorities should take immediate action so that this does not recur. The way rubbish is haphazardly thrown on Everest is shameful. Where are our concerned authorities? The Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal (TAAN), Nepal Tourism Board and the government should all work to remedy this matter. This would make Everest clean and safer to climb, like it was in the past. After all, Everest represents our country. It is one of Nepal’s pride.

- Saroj Wagle, Dumarwana, Bara

Published: 21-04-2017 07:48

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