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  • Determination and commitment help one achieve higher recognition

Apr 21, 2017-Tnterest in anything determines whether our plans become successful or not. Interest simply is eagerness to do something. It is also the curiosity or concern about something. Interest is a major factor that leads us to triumph in any and everything we do.

Most of the parents wonder why their children are not as enterprising as others. Often they ask themselves, my children and someone else’s children are both involved in the same activity, but why are my children not doing well? I have an answer for this question: It is because we students are working against our will. 

We, students, are all compelled to carry heavy bags with piles of books on our back and reach the school on time. Then, we are pushed in classes to study no matter if we are interested in the subjects being taught or not. And our parents want ‘A+’ grades in our exams. How shall we achieve it if we are not interested in what we are studying? Most students today have ambitions that are not necessarily taught in classrooms like singing, dancing, modeling and arts. We feel afraid of getting judged or laughed at if we shared our dream jobs with our parents because they never ask us about our interest. A lot of students are going through this problem.

It is a general tendency of our society to compel students to give the entrance exam for MBBS or some engineering degree. Our parents are not afraid of investing piles of money if we want to study these supposed prestigious courses. Under such extreme pressure, a lot of young students feel obligated to join these courses and sit thorough five-six years of education even though they would much rather be doing something else. Their bodies might be inside the classroom, but their minds are elsewhere. They study to pass the yearly exams, not to learn something. They work to fulfill their parents’ wish, not to serve people. Without determination and commitment, how can one achieve higher recognition? This is my question to those parents who want their children to be a highly educated doctor or an engineer. I want to appeal those parents to let their kids to choose their own ambitions in life and to allow them to display their own unique potential.  Dear parents, we know you always want to see our progress. So please, let us to choose our way that we like and are interested in and we promise that we be more successful than you ever imagined.


Sampada Sapkota

Grade 8

Gorakhkali English Boarding Secondary School

Published: 21-04-2017 07:50

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