In search of greener pastures

Apr 21, 2017-Going abroad, either for studies or for work, is a big trend in this modern world, especially for the youth. Indeed, going abroad has different positive aspects. One of the advantages of going abroad is that it enables the people to get better academic qualifications at prestigious institutions. Besides this, it allows the people to know about different cultures, traditions and lifestyles. You might also end up getting good jobs and compete with the modern world with the practical education that you receive. Apart from this, if you go abroad, you can develop yourself as an independent individual who is able to make tough decisions on your own.

Then, there are also some drawbacks to flying abroad for greener pastures. These drawbacks include things such as insecurity, identity crisis and a lack of devotion for your native land. Going abroad might discourage people from returning to their home countries because you feel there is no point in it because you are already living comfortable lives abroad. Soon, you end up furthering the good of your adoptive country, while your own continues to remain underdeveloped and more and more young people like you will continue to go abroad, just like you did.

I think that going abroad for further studies is a good option, but settling abroad is not so much. Utilising your skills and education to further the interest of your home country is the need of the hour. Let’s keep this in mind as we make our own plans for the future. 

Swayam Shah

Grade 8

Gyanodaya Bal Batika


Published: 21-04-2017 08:26

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