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Apr 22, 2017-


ARIES [March 21-April 19] 

Relax and rest Sunday daytime. At suppertime, your energy and charisma soar—until Tues evening. Everything flows successfully except pre-dawn Tues, when a career or authority conflict might occur—it’s an old one, and will continue for a few years. 

This conflict says you can succeed mightily, or crash if “stubborn.” Chase money Tues eve to Thurs eve—collect and pay.  All’s well. Errands, communications and travel fill Thurs eve to Sat eve. A tiny bit of deception Friday afternoon, or of refusal Saturday afternoon, shouldn’t impede your success.

TAURUS [April 20-May 20]

A wish might come true Sunday day. This eve to Tues nudges you to relax, retreat, rest and contemplate. Don’t question someone’s loyalty or worth pre-dawn Tues. Your energy and magnetism rise strongly Tues to Thurs suppertime—again, start nothing: but do accept, compliments included!  Chase money Thurs  to Sat—cultivate clients, collect and pay old debts, but purchase only routine items. All’s well, but realise there’s a bit of deception or misguided hopes Friday and, perhaps, a “push back” if you seek intimacy Saturday—both afternoons.

GEMINI [May 21-June 20] 

Watch your reputation Sunday daytime. This suppertime to Tues lifts your spirits as friends, old wishes and optimism flow in. Someone attractive might appear Mon eve/night. Retreat, rest Tues to Thurs—be charitable, spiritual, and deal with civil servants or institutional workers. Everything goes well. Your energy and charisma return, mildly, Thurs night to Sat. Remember, though, don’t start or launch anything before May 3. There’s some misgiving or confusion Friday, but also something lucky (love and creativity).

CANCER [June 21-July 22] 

Sunday daytime’s mellow, thoughtful. This eve to Tues eve accents these career developments—and your standing, reputation generally. Your luck’s good, progress is good, but don’t seek co-operation or a partnership. Tues  to suppertime Thurs brings the main theme of the whole month ahead: social joys, popularity, optimism, wish fulfillment, flirtation and entertainment—and good fortune! In all this, enjoy, gravitate toward, old friends and faithful links. Retreat, rest and contemplate Thurs eve to Sat. Sign nothing, form no new bonds: just relax, meditate, be charitable.

LEO [July 23-August 22] 

Sunday daytime’s mysterious. This eve to Tues brings a thoughtful, understanding mood and vision; focus on international, legal, travel and love themes. These go well, but make sure they don’t make you miss important work duties. That ambition streak intensifies Tues suppertime  to Thurs supper—higher-ups favour you, and your rep’s great! Give ongoing projects a long, steady push. Happiness arrives Thurs to Sat in the form of optimism, popularity and social joys, entertainment and flirtations. Don’t bother chasing intimacy Friday, and take time to understand someone’s frustration or reluctance Saturday.

VIRGO [August 23-September 22] 

Sunday brings intriguing meetings, but not worthwhile ones in the long range. This eve to suppertime Tues brings investment, financial opportunities, mysteries and lifestyle choices. Gentle love, understanding, international, legal, educational affairs, publishing, far travel and intellectual or cultural pursuits are very fortunate Tues eve to Thurs suppertime. These themes will also fill the weeks ahead. Be ambitious Thurs eve to Sat suppertime. Start nothing, but do show your skills to bosses or parents, and, above all, lean in the direction of money.

LIBRA [September 23-October 22] 

Perform some easy chores Sunday daytime. This eve to suppertime Tues  features relationships, new horizons, negotiations, litigation, agreements. Again, sign nothing. All’s well, but you can find that a domestic issue interferes with the smooth run of relating. Tuesday eve to Thurs suppertime brings secrets, medical issues, financial actions—all these are accompanied by good luck, so charge ahead—but remember, nothing brand new. A philosophical, mellow mood steals over you Thurs to Sat. Be aware of deception Friday, and of some “slack responses” Saturday. Still, a good, easy week!

SCORPIO [October 23-November 21] 

Sunday’s mildly romantic. This eve  to Tues eve brings work, minor health issues, and machinery needs. You’ll accomplish chores in a steady, careful way. A lucky run of relationships and opportunities fills Tues night to Thurs suppertime. An excellent time to solve a disagreement or re-affirm loyalties. Finances, secrets and 

investigations, lifestyle choices, medical exigencies, and commitment fill Thurs eve to Sat suppertime. You can make a commitment as long as it involves an ongoing or past project. Avoid illusion, romantic visions Fri. Brush off a rejection Saturday afternoon. 

A good, easy week, Scorpio—don’t overthink!

Sagittarius [November 22-December 21] 

Spend Sunday daytime quietly at home or in the ‘hood. 

This eve  to Tues suppertime highlights romance, pleasure, beauty, creative and risk-taking urges. One you love might have a career or parent problem or your own financial state affects your ability to romance. Tuesday night to Thurs eve focuses on this month’s main theme: work, health and machinery. Relationships fill Thurs night to suppertime Sat. You’ll feel the breeze of new opportunities, perhaps an ocean breeze. An exciting meeting could occur. Be wary of deception Fri afternoon, and of “places you shouldn’t go” Sat afternoon. 

CAPRICORN [December 22-January 19] 

Sunday daytime’s for errands, talk. This eve to Tues eve bring deep domestic urges, so stay at home or in the ‘hood, relax and rest in preparation for exciting times to come. They come Tues eve to Thurs suppertime, when romance, a gamble, or pleasure are blessed with good luck. Plunge in! But no one new; and you’d be wise to give a creative work a “bye,” as you could make it worse by trying to redo it. Tackle chores Thurs eve to Sat suppertime. Eat sensibly and dress for the season. 

AQUARIUS [January 20-February 18] 

Sunday daytime’s for shopping or chasing money—buy only routine items. This eve to Tues supper brings chatter, emails, short trips, errands—make a list before leaving home. Don’t communicate with governments or your employer’s head office—wait. Rest, catch a second breath Tues eve to Thurs suppertime—be home, hug the kids, smooch the spouse, garden, cook, and celebrate the fact that everything’s good! Romance, creativity, risk-taking/winning, beauty, pleasure and happy kids fill Thurs eve to Sat suppertime. Enjoy, but don’t commit. 

PISCES [February 19-March 20] 

Your energy shines Sunday, but this eve to Tues suppertime nudges you toward earnings, buying/selling, possessions, and sensual attractions. Two things: nothing new, and make sure everything is legal/ethical. Errands, mail, communications, travel and paperwork fill Tues eve to Thurs suppertime. All’s easy-peasy, everyone’s friendly, but still, double-check everything, as you’re all mistake-prone until May 3. Head for home, at least in your thoughts, Thurs eve to Sat eve. A good investment might appear, or you get some extra snuggles in the bedroom. If your instincts say to back away from something/someone Sat, listen to them.

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