Don’t spoil your kids

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Apr 27, 2017-

Most Nepali parents do not make enough to pay for their children’s education, health care and basic needs. They do not have a reliable income source either. But they love their children very much. They want to send their children to good schools so that they will get a good education and a good future. They also want to fulfil their needs for their happiness and satisfaction. Their minds are always occupied by these dreams, and they worry a lot to change them into reality. Most parents are working hard in Nepal or abroad to make enough money to ensure a good future for their children.

As incomes increase, parents send their children to good schools according to their budget. They also fulfil their children’s desires and make them happy by buying them the latest gadgets. And they think that they have performed their responsibility as good parents. They do not think about the possibility of such devices being misused by their children. They run after money every single moment so that they can fulfil their increasing wants. 

The more money they earn, the less they see. In this way, they are earning and investing a huge amount of money in their children, and dreaming that they are getting a good education in an expensive school. At the same time, they are totally neglecting their activities at home and school relating to their studies. They forget that their children need love, care, inspiration and proper guidance. In reality, their children are not getting a good education because they lack all these things. The school alone cannot guide them properly because you cannot clap with one hand. The parents will not know how their children have been spending their time until they see their school grades in their senior years. But by that time, their problems have become very complicated and it is too late to improve their school results. And then the parents start to regret not providing them love, care, inspiration and proper guidance at the right time. Thus their dreams shatter into pieces and they become heartbroken. They think that the hard work they have done throughout their life to provide a good education to their children has gone to vain. The money which they have earned for their children’s future becomes meaningless. Both parents and children become depressed. Eventually, they understand that money cannot replace all these things. Therefore, earning money and looking after the children should go side by side. Focusing more on income and less on children will produce bad results. 



Published: 27-04-2017 08:00

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