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Is it warm there?

May 3, 2017-

Dear myself,

How are you enduring the cold days?  

It’s pretty cold in there, I presume. 

Or does it feel warmer, 

To lay in the comforts of a coffin,

Insulated by wood of disregard

Beneath the soil of time?

If you had X-ray vision,

That worked whilst your eyes are dead,

You could see,

That after all this time,

I haven’t left you to rot alone.

I come to visit you,

With little pieces of myself.

And with little pieces of you.

Still, I walk the long road,

To see if you are in good health,

Even after dying.

Still I leave you a flower;

One black rose every week.

Black, to signify each colour,

The utter lack of any.

Black, to bring into focus,

The colour of our souls.

Black, as it is the perfect absorbant of emotions.

Black, because it was our favourite colour.

Of yours.


Each week,

At the wretched place where you lay in comfort,

I leave you a flower.

And a little of me,

In memory of the memories,

That I could never make with you.


- Sarthak Bhattarai

Bhattarai recently graduated +2 from St Xavier’s College

Published: 03-05-2017 08:36

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