Thank you, Parents

May 19, 2017-I have a question for you—how did you come here? Who brought you to this world? Who gave you your name? 

Parents. We are living in this world today because of our mother and father. We are humans because of our mother and father. 

Our mother carried us in her womb for nine months. Nine months is a very long time. In that nine months she thought us before she thought for herself. She put aside her longings. She didn’t eat her favourite foods, she didn’t go to her favourite places, she didn’t wear her favourite clothes so that we would be safe and comfortable inside her womb. Carrying us was both heavy and painful, but she didn’t complain. As long as we were healthy, she was happy. And even if father didn’t carry us in the womb, he was always there. 

Even the blood running in our veins is given to us by our parents. 

We forget how our parents left all the work when we cried, we forget how they carry us in their shoulders so that we get a better view of the world, we forget all the sacrifices they make so that we don’t have to make any. They even give up on their own dreams and desires so that we don’t ever have to. They give up on their share of food so that we are full and filled when we go to bed. 

When our parents come home, we ask, “What did you bring for me?” When we come home from school, our parents ask, “How was your day? Did you eat all your food?” They love us unconditionally. From the time we are in the womb to the time we get married, our parents only worry about our bright future. 

But, we children live in our own selfish world. We never thank our parents for all that they do for us. In fact, we don’t even ask them if they are doing okay. So many of us try to run away from our parents and refuse to look after them once they grow old and helpless. So many of us get rich and spend our money on useless things but don’t use it to help our poor parents. So many of us don’t even thank our parents, instead disrespect them. 

We still have time. Our parents are no less than god. They have done so much for us and selflessly so. We knowingly or unknowingly hurt our parents and we don’t even say sorry. 

Let’s take the time to say the magic phrases to our parents: Thank you, sorry, and I love you. Let’s spend less time with TV and gadgets, and more time with our parents. 

Gods are not found in the temple, monastery, mosque or church; they are found in home. 


- Ravi Gupta

Grade 9

Mount Everest Boarding School, Siraha

Published: 19-05-2017 08:55

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