Yoshodha Foods opens instant noodle factory


May 20, 2017-

Yashodha Foods, based in Butwal, has started a new factory in Rupandehi to begin production of instant noodles with an initial investment of Rs1 billion. The factory is capable of producing 10 tonnes of noodles per shift and has started production of instant noodles such as Lali Juppo, Current and more. 

Pioneer industrialists of Butwal such as Chunna Prasad Poudel, Kamal Malpani and Rishi Bhandari invested in the new venture as the instant noodle market is booming in Nepal.

Chunna Prasad Poudel said.”There is a good market for instant noodles made in Nepal and international markets, hence the high investment costs.”

Rupandehi has seen an uptick in the number of factories emerging in the area as physical and infrastructural capacities of the area continues to improve. Bhairahawa, Lumbini Corridor, Devdaha, Siktan are some areas that have seen factories spring up to target foreign markets. The close proximity of industries in the area has seen Lumbini and Butwal slowly becoming an industrial hub.

This rise of industries in Rupandehi can be attributed to a variety of factors, from the closeness to the Indian border, smooth transportation and the good relations with labour unions. “Relative to other places, Rupandehi offers protection to physical and monetary resources for industries based here,” said Ramkumar Sharma, president of Siddharthanagar’s Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI),”Here, it is easy to import goods from India and transport produced goods all over the country due to its strategic position in the middle part of Nepal.’

Rupandehi comprises of nearly 11,500 small and large-scale industries. Cottage industries make up a major part of Rupandehi, with nearly 10,000 of them. There are estimated to be 350 large-scale industries and 600 medium sized industries. Some large-scale industries include cement, steel, soap, bricks, energy, agriculture, plastics and more.

According to Ganesh Prasad Adhikari of Rupandehi’s FNCCI, Rupandehi was the best place for optimum factory production and he further added, “Recently, the number of large-scale industries have been rapidly increasing in comparison to small scale industries.” There are 64 operational factories in a region that encompasses 434 ropanis. In general, factories open with open disregard for the government, often without their permission.

The tourism industry in Rupandehi has also blossomed with the birthplace of Buddha situated right next to the region. The prospect of an international airport opening in this region has further bolstered the tourism industry’s resolve. 

Australian multinational hotel chain, Silver Heritage, is about to establish a five-star hotel in Rupandehi with an investment worth Rs3.5 billion. The hotel is expected to have 300 rooms and will face fierce competition from another similar hotel in the area, the Tiger Palace.

Maheshman Sign, president of Butwal’s FNCCI was extremely confident the path that Rupandehi was on saying, “I repeat that Rupandehi has the best environment for any industrial operation. We have all the basic factors like electricity, communication, transportation, stable relations with labour unions and more.”

Published: 20-05-2017 09:24

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