Myagdi district becoming a hub for hydro projects


Jun 4, 2017-

Myagdi district, which is preparing to generate over 900 MW of electricity through hydro resources, is becoming a major attraction for hydropower project developers.

The district, which built its first hydropower project with installed capacity of just 2MW, is now all set to build 34 small and big hydropower projects. These projects will be built on Myagdi, Rahughat and Kali Gandaki rivers. 

Some of these projects are under construction, some are about to begin construction, while others are waiting for survey licences from the Department of Electricity Development (DoED).

The positive attitude of locals in Myagdi towards investment in the hydropower sector has been one of the major attractions for investors. Here, recently elected local representatives, local leaders of political parties, businesspeople and general public have vowed to make the district hydropower investment friendly. 

Till date, none of the projects in the district has faced obstruction from locals. 

“Majority of the households in our village council are relying on solar power for lighting. Therefore, we are eager to welcome any investment in the hydropower sector,” said Thamsara Pun, chief of Dhaulagiri Village Council. “Surveys of over a dozen hydropower projects are being conducted in our village council. We urge them to start construction immediately, and we assure our full cooperation.” 

According to the DoED, hydropower projects with installed capacity of over 930 MW are being built on basins of Myagdi, Rahughat and Kali Gandaki rivers of the district. Tatopani Small Hydropower Project, the first plant of the district with 2MW installed capacity, has already come into operation. 

Out of seven projects under construction, one project has already completed 70 percent of construction works, while another project has completed 15 percent of construction works. 

The total installed capacity of these seven hydropower projects is 144 MW. 

Similarly, 17 hydropower projects with installed capacity of 555 MW have received survey licences from the DoED, whereas nine hydropower projects with installed capacity of 234 MW have applied for survey licences at the DoED.

Out of six local bodies in the district, Annapurna Village Council is home to a dozen hydropower projects, including Tatopani Small Hydropower Project. Construction site of every project in the village council has access to motorable road. 

“Our village council is an ideal destination for investment in the hydropower sector, as locals have extended praiseworthy support to developers,” said Krishna Bahadur Baruwal, chief of Annapurna Village Council. “Even I am a member of the construction support committee of one of the hydropower projects in our village council.”  

Similarly, Dhaulagiri Village Council is home to 10 hydropower projects, whereas Rahu Ganga Village Council is seeing construction of five projects. 


List of hydro projects in Myagdi district

Project under operation

2 MW Tato Pani Small Hydropower Project

Projects with generation license

40 MW Rahughat, 42 MW Mistri Khola, 20 MW Upper Myagdi, 4 MW Rupse Khola, 25 MW Darbang Khola, 8.3 MW Ghar Khola, 5 MW Ghalemdi 

Projects with survey license

48 MW Super Rahughat, 5.6 MW Bagar Khola, 21.3 MW Thulo Khola, 38 MW Nilgiri Khola, 6 MW Rele Khola, 53.5 MW Middle Kaligandaki, 62 MW Nilgiri Khola B, 72 MW Kaligandali Upper, 95 MW Tiplang Kaligandaki, 4.6 MW Dar Khola, 8.2 MW Kunwa Khola, 80 MW Upper Myagdi, 57. 3 MW Myagdi Khola, 0.999 KW Aul Khola, 0.99 KW Ritung Khola, 0.997 KW Don Khola, 0.998 KW Marang Khola

Projects that have applied for survey license

3.4 MW Simkosh Khola, 8.6 MW Middle Hongu Khola, 17.5 MW Madhya Hongu Khola, 21.5 MW Mudi Khola, 4.6 MW Myagdi Khola B, 3 MW Super Dar Khola, 9.9 MW Super Ghalemdi, 161 MW Kaligandaki Gorge, 4.9 MW Super Thulo Khola

Published: 04-06-2017 08:19

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