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Jun 15, 2017-It’s now or never. We have been deprived of a proper research centre for a very long time now, and we are running late to catch up with the rest of the world. Local governments in Nepal will get their authority soon. Nepali students should shout the loudest at the responsible authorities to have their righteous demands fulfilled. The history of the country has been rather unfortunate. We were living in isolation while the Western world was already engaged in science, philosophical reasoning and exploration. We were sticking to a medieval system of production and too shy to go against religion. We were living a subsistence life in an unfair society. Jung Bahadur visited Great Britain during the Industrial Revolution. But he feared losing the position he had established if the people became educated and aware of the world outside. A great opportunity was missed; Nepal remained isolated to global developments. Even after the introduction to the modern world, we were still incapable of integrating the good sides of the ‘other world’. We took a long time to see what was important for a country and its development along with people’s welfare. We took our time to establish a proper higher education institution. Tribhuvan University was established in 1959. After that, we were drawn into other political abysses and Nepal was kept in darkness.

And so here we are in the current situation. We are nowhere near a good position in educational development, especially higher education. Still, the ability, curiosity and hard work of Nepali students have been proven a number of times. The great contribution of Kumud Dhital and Lujendra Ojha to heart transplant and discovery of water on Mars respectively and school-level curiosity driven attempts to make solar cars prove the enthusiasm of Nepali students for research. While we should have been encouraging them, their attempts have been weakened due to the inability to provide an extensive platform. 

   Even with limited resources, students have shown their ability. The importance of research cannot be emphasised enough in a rapidly modernising world. Our economy is too weak to support an extensive research centre meeting international standards. However, it is manageable. With national and international support, the dream of setting up a research 

centre can come true. Dr Mahabir Pun has made tremendous efforts. Students need to demand a research centre from the government. The unavailability of a proper platform has forced capable minds to flee the country. We need a research centre for the students to work and contribute to scientific and educational development in Nepal, and possibly the world. 


Published: 15-06-2017 08:15

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