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Dreams and Dilemma

  • With the ‘Iron Gate’ behind them, students are at a crucial juncture with an important decision to make
- Prachi Aryal

Jun 21, 2017-

Every year, when SLC results are round the corner, it becomes the topic of discussion in every nook and corner of the country. This year, the trend remained the same, as students, parents and teachers eagerly anticipated the result of the Secondary Education Exam (SEE). 

Much effort is put into these exams—often times called the ‘Iron Gate’—and the awaited results come with a myriad of expectations and dilemmas. Considered a crucial juncture, a transition between childhood and adulthood, the joy of having completed high school comes parts and parcel with the anxiety of identifying the vital next step in their education.

Now that the SEE results are out, students and guardians are in a scramble to find what college, stream of studies or affiliations might be best suited to their needs and abilities. With the educational system constantly evolving, and new curriculums like the A-levels and International Baccalaureate (IB) increasingly more accessible, the options available are numerous, as they are attractive. 

Saurya Aryal, a student at St Xavier’s School, says,” SEE is a huge milestone and passing it with an A grade has made me extremely happy, but what lies ahead is daunting to think about. The path from here is uphill and I wish to follow what my heart says--I would prefer to get into a college that would provide me with world class education and help me become competent enough to make my mark.” 

Suman Raj Aryal, Saurya’s father, too, is still on the fence about what option would be best. He says, “With advances in the education system, we are having quite a tough time making a choice between colleges. What I would prefer would be a college with good infrastructure and resources, along with well-trained and experienced faculty.” He adds that though traditionally the stream of education—Science, Commerce or Arts—is selected based on grades, he has given his son the freedom to chose, barring that he selects a well-established college.

Another SEE graduate Supriya Rijal of Kirtipur states that choosing one direction for the future at this point is a major challenge—the decision will likely alter the course of her future. Sita Rijal, Supriya’s mother, puts forward a similar concern. She asserts that, “The ever changing system has made the choice difficult. Introduction of new curriculums and their growing success is attracting students to colleges. Courses such as A-level have become a popular choice as students from Nepal are leaving a mark in the global arena by performing well in various subjects. We would want our child to get the same type of education so that they are exposed the global market despite being educated here in Nepal.”

Following the publication of the SEE results, colleges make significant investments in eye-catching advertisements and to organise expos and induction programs to make it easier for the parents, as well as students, who are still on the fence. And with so many colleges vying for attention, the competition is steep. Prabhat Chhetry, the program coordinator at Little Angels College says, “After SEE, there is a difficult road ahead for both parents and students. They end up making a lot of queries about where to enrol for further studies.” He attributes this to the increasing number of students joining A-levels and the growing awareness about various curriculums. With that in mind, Little Angels College hosts various interaction and induction programs for aspiring students and guardians that include rigorous question answer sessions with recent A-level graduates and the faculty. 

For students like Saurya and Supriya, the key is to see beyond the gimmicks and to find a college that truly caters to their needs and ambitions. Having had been on several college visits over the past few weeks Saurya says, “The choices are numerous and the more I explore different options, the more difficult the choice becomes. But I am in the same boat with my friends and presumably thousands of other students around the country. Hopefully having fully explored our options, we will be able to make a prudent choice.”

Published: 21-06-2017 10:15

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