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- Rishi Ram Paudyal

Jul 6, 2017-

After a hard day’s work, everybody needs a good night’s sleep. But it’s been quite a while since I have been able to sleep well. Due to this, I feel lethargic and sleepy during the day. What is taking away my sleep then? It’s the whining, buzzing and biting of mosquitoes. When it’s time to go to bed, it’s not good to expect something bad to happen. 

However, I can’t forget the whining of mosquitoes around my ears and their itching bites. You may say why don’t I simply plug in some anti-mosquito liquid. Well, you see, I’m quite a sensitive person. There is only a small window in my room, and I fear that the poison that affects the mosquitoes may affect me too. I don’t want to die smelling the poison that is meant to kill mosquitoes. I think that even if I don’t die, I may become unconscious.

You may ask, “Don’t you have a fan?” Sure, I have a table fan. But then again, my legs are delicate and sensitive. Many years ago, I had a bicycle accident in which my legs and pelvis were badly injured. 

During the cold season, my legs have a hard time. They tend to swell or become painful. Therefore, I fear 

that the regular blowing of artificial wind is not good for my body, especially my legs. Frustrated, you might then say, “Buy a mosquito net then.” I also have some reservations over that. I’m a free-born human. My belief is that to be a human, one has to be free. When I’m surrounded by a net, I don’t feel free. Further, I feel that it doesn’t let the air flow freely, and it makes the environment warmer in my bed. Therefore, I don’t intend to buy a mosquito net.

So now, what options are left to me? There are not many, just a few. You may say I am weird, but sometimes I think very differently from other people. 

As I ask myself, how much blood does a tiny mosquito with a tiny sting and tiny belly extract from me? I don’t think it’s a lot. Moreover, not all mosquitoes suck blood from you. It’s only female mosquitoes that approach you. 

They sing beautiful songs to you and they do their best not to hurt you. 

They first lubricate the area with their saliva before plunging their needle into you and pumping out blood. 

Further, anybody who believes in rights and seeks to exercise them should respect mosquito rights too. A female mosquito has every right to obtain blood to produce eggs whether it’s from me or some other creature. Otherwise, mosquitoes will be blotted out from the face of this earth. Considering all my circumstances and beliefs, I have decided to respect the rights of female mosquitoes. How about you? Do they visit you every night? Do you respect their rights without grumbling?

Published: 06-07-2017 08:21

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