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Jul 13, 2017-I have been under house arrest for more than a week now. I come from a very strict family where discipline is the motto. Children are required to stay at home no matter what. That has been the principle of my parents. Since childhood, I have had to stay at home all the time. They would not even let me go alone to the neighbourhood shop until I graduated from high school. When I was in school, they would not let me go on picnics conducted by the school fearing that ‘something might happen’. They would say, “Well, you might have some food there, we can cook it at home instead. No need to go on picnics. We have heard a lot of bad stories and bad incidents happening on picnics. Stay home. Stay safe.” 

Sometimes, I feel like Rapunzel in the German fairy tale who was kept in a tower by an old selfish woman named Mother Gothel. She never let Rapunzel go out for fear that she would find out she was a princess and had been kidnapped for her long beautiful shiny hair. Though it is just a story, I can relate to it very well. My parents, however, have a different kind of fear. They fear for my safety and my future.  However, sometimes they seem to be over-protective and I don’t think this is a very good thing. 

Most days, I stay at home and read books, do some work or just ponder. Especially during my holidays, I really get bored. I would just take a nap or start reading some other book. I don’t mean to say I hate reading. In fact, I love books and I love reading very much. But sometimes, I want to have interactions with people, know the real world, experience new environments and enjoy life. However, these things are next to impossible in the family where I come from where these things are seen as a waste of time by my parents.

Sometimes, I wonder if my parents would be happy to have a robot instead of me. A robot who would do as they tell it, have no feelings and excel in everything they command. I don’t mean to say that my parents intend bad for me or are punishing me. I can understand their concerns and their love behind all this, and I am forever thankful for all that they have done for me till now. My father says that you can write about whatever you feel and express yourself. I guess that is what I am doing right now when all my friends and those I know are enjoying life, and I am here, expressing what I feel about being under house arrest.

Published: 13-07-2017 07:50

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