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Jul 14, 2017-Our parents have made determined efforts to raise us. They have loved and looked after us despite lots of ups and downs in their lives. They have made many sacrifices for our sake, shared every last bite of their meal with us and given us as much happiness as they could in every possible way despite immense hardships. Therefore, their contribution when we were growing up can neither be described nor measured. We have reached this stage in our lives only because of them. So we should not forget their contribution, and we should not hurt them. Now it’s our turn to take up the responsibility of looking after them.

In the name of modernity, we are separating from our parents after marriage to lead a nuclear family. The more educated we are, the less leisure time we have. We are spending all our time on our career and running after money from the early morning till after the sun sets. We do not remember our parents, nor do we think about them. Several of our brothers and sisters have already gone abroad for higher education. They want to settle there and do not want to return to Nepal because they see a better future abroad. They think their career is more important than their parents. They are ready to sacrifice everything for their career, but not for their parents. Many of them have already settled in foreign lands due to lack of a secure future in Nepal. 

In this way, most of our parents have been completely abandoned as burdens, and they are obliged to live a solitary life in their old age. The number of such isolated old couples is continuously growing, and we people of the new generation are being selfish by forgetting our responsibilities towards them. Our abandoned and solitary old parents are living difficult lives despite having wealth and property. Even in this densely populated city, they feel lonely without any companionship except a television set to kill time. They want to share their bravery of the past and listen to our achievements of the present. When they fall sick, their hardships make us very sad. They have no one to take them to hospital, buy medicine, look after them or cook their food. They become melancholic. 

Sometimes, they are in such a pitiable condition that is beyond our imagination. It is something that we do not want to happen to ourselves in the future. But we should not forget that you reap what you sow. Therefore, we should let our old parents live with us and look after them well. They need love and care which make them completely happy and satisfied, but not wealth and property which make them feel lonely, because love and care which a happy family needs cannot be bought with money.

Published: 14-07-2017 08:11

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