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Jul 22, 2017-

ARIES [March 21-April 19] 

The romantic trend emerges strongly—but a love/new link formed Sunday or Monday will get stuck in mystery, rejection, weird attraction and/or “slow advance.” Tackle chores Tues/Wed. You’ll get the job done, but face some slowness or a missing 

element, tool, etc, Wed daytime. Relationships face you Thurs dawn to suppertime Saturday. One problem, showing up Friday suppertime: you and another do not agree on goals, ambitions. If you both can agree or compromise here, a shining partnership awaits. 

TAURUS [April 20-May 20]

The month ahead holds a breather, before you launch new things in late August/September. Use the weeks before you to rest and relax. Dive in, but avoid spending/investing or making big changes from Sun Mon. Romance, creative and speculative urges, beauty and pleasure and charming children fill Tues/Wed. Enjoy, embrace immediate pleasures. Tackle chores Thurs morning to suppertime Saturday. You’ll accomplish a good pile, but watch Fri suppertime—co-operation won’t occur. Saturday night—partnerships, opportunities—be eager but diplomatic.

GEMINI [May 21-June 20] 

Sunday/Mon is smooth, but you could face the reality of a partnership or marriage prospect: one’s affectionate, one isn’t. Home and family call Tues/Wed—all’s well, but again, a spouse or partner might not co-operate Wed pm. Romance, pleasure, beauty, creativity and speculation bless you Thurs dawn to suppertime Saturday. Dive in—this year, and this month ahead, could bring true love! One “flaw”—it seems to be connected to the other person’s domestic situation or need for security. Protect your health Sat night—eat, dress, imbibe sensibly.

CANCER [June 21-July 22] 

Your mind’s absorbent, ready to learn, memorise. These themes are doubly emphasised Sun/Mon—a good time for fresh starts in them. Neither day is good for dealing with employment or civil servants. Wish fulfilment, flirtations, popularity, optimism and social joys visit you Tues/Wed. Enjoy! Home and family draw your heart Thurs morning to Sat suppertime. This is one of the better little intervals to buy real estate. You might have to convince a reluctant spouse. Saturday night’s for romance, pleasure.

LEO [July 23-August 22] 

Start significant projects now, Leo, especially this Sun/Monday. Ask favours, make contacts, try things you’ve never tried before, especially in travel, international, intellectual and media arenas. Chase money Tues/Wed, buy/sell, ask for a pay raise, etc. 

The weeks ahead will hold much talk about money, but stay alert, realise money projects will tend to go into a tailspin before mid-August. Errands, travel, media, communications, casual friends fill Thurs morning to Sat afternoon. Be curious—you could discover valuable information. Saturday eve, retreat, take a wait-and-see stance.

VIRGO [August 23-September 22] 

The month ahead gently ushers you into temporary sweet solitude. Spirituality, therapy, advisors, civil servants and agents populate this zone of quietude. Sunday and Mon emphasise all these themes. Your energy return mildly Tues/Wed. You might contemplate the end of a relationship Wed afternoon—this has been brewing for almost two years. Chase money, buy/sell, make an extra effort to please clients Thurs morning to Sat suppertime. You might have to let go of the romantic, creative, pleasure-prone side of life for a while Friday pm. 

LIBRA [September 23-October 22] 

Sunday/Mon—get out, be friendly, issue and accept invitations. But retreat Tues/Wed—lie low, rest, contemplate and plan. Deal with civil servants and institutions. Don’t sit around waiting for that call Wed afternoon—it won’t come, or contains a “no.” 

Your energy and charisma soar Thurs morning to Saturday suppertime. Friday afternoon, re-examine that home-based problem that has nagged you for years—you might have just enough optimism to defeat, reduce or solve it. Love offers a late, great “second chance” Sat afternoon. 

SCORPIO [October 23-November 21] 

A month of ambition, prestige relations, worldly standing and dealings with authorities, bosses and parents starts now—and is immediately potent, as Sun/Mon doubly emphasise all these, and urge you to start new projects in this zone. Wish fulfilment, popularity, optimism, entertainment and a possible flirtation come Tues/Wed. But don’t take chances with money or your earning power Wed afternoon. Retreat Thurs morning to Sat suppertime. Civil servants and institutions favour you, but you might have a bit of communication trouble Fri afternoon. 

Sagittarius [November 22-December 21] 

The very things you love—far travel, intellectual, publishing, legal and cultural/religious/philosophical pursuits—are 

emphasised, especially Sun/Mon. Be ambitious Tuesday/Wednesday. Nothing prevents success, so get out and strive, even if you must break away from home temporarily. Wish fulfilment, popularity, social delights, dawning flirtation and general optimism make you happy Thurs morning to Sat suppertime. Money continues to be a thorn in your plans, but you’re so optimistic Friday afternoon that you might see a way around this frustration/obstacle. 

CAPRICORN [December 22-January 19] 

Gentle love, understanding and wisdom float over you Tues/Wed. Pursue intellectual, travel, international, legal and cultural paths. You might feel dejected Wednesday afternoon—it’s due to a conflict between your inner, private world, and the outside world’s ethics—which will both weigh on relationships. Realise, in the bigger picture, your dreams are coming true this decade and next. Be ambitious Thurs morning to Sat suppertime. Display your skills, seek an interview with the boss or a VIP, show proposals, ask for more responsibility, etc. Saturday night. 

AQUARIUS [January 20-February 18] 

Sunday and Mon encourage you to start a project in them. Depth, secrets, research and investigation, large finances and medical concerns fill Tues/Wed. This interval flows well, except during Wednesday afternoon/ suppertime, when practical 

barriers arise. Wisdom, a mellow, understanding mood, compassion and gentle love, and intellectual, far travel, legal, publishing and cultural themes enter Thurs morning to Sat suppertime. These are sweet, lucky days, so charge ahead. Just be alert to alienating factors, government restrictions and career burdens Friday near suppertime. An easy, opportune week!

PISCES [February 19-March 20] 

The work/health themes are doubly emphasized Sun/Mon. Home’s sweet, but career promises more. Relationships come Tues/Wed. All’s good except for Wed afternoon, when you could feel rejected, or be bored by someone.  Overall, be diplomatic, generous, empathic—sidestep belligerent people. Life’s depths emerge Thurs morn to Sat suppertime. You can learn or intuit many secrets or valuable information Only glitch: a bit of alienation or a dashed hope Friday before suppertime. Saturday night: intellectual, mellow, foreign-leaning. 

Published: 22-07-2017 08:24

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