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Aug 10, 2017-When we flip through our daily newspaper, we often find news items about domestic violence, divorce, foreign employment and corruption. Domestic violence or sex abuse is a burning issue. We women shun a male-dominated society. We women think that we are being stepped on by men. We are always regarded as their supplement, not a partner of equal importance. This may be partially or completely true, but there are also situations where a woman stands against a woman. 

I am the mother of a baby girl. When I delivered her, I was congratulated for delivering Laxmi, the goddess of wealth. Now she is almost two years old. Now people say that a mother who has a daughter is cursed. My husband is supportive. He asks me if we should buy long-term insurance so that our baby doesn’t have to face any difficulty when pursuing higher studies after her SEE. 

I feel proud to be the wife of such an understanding husband. He shows a lot of respect to women. But sometimes, I am mentally disturbed by this deeply rooted social evil and never changing attitude of fellow women. I used to think that only people living in remote areas of the country were conservative. To my astonishment, people living in the Kathmandu Valley are no less conservative. 

There are many examples in which a woman’s foe is another woman. A woman marries another woman’s husband. Stepmothers mete out cruel treatment to the children of her husband’s first wife. A woman cannot feel secure with another woman. In our society, men still mind their own business; but women, especially housewives, keep talking ill of other females. Instead of being united and reforming old customs, they generate feelings of jealousy without a valid reason. I think awareness programmes and counselling are a must, not only in remote areas, but also in urban areas. A neighbour of mine who has two daughters and a son always talks about the son. Doesn’t she feel that the daughter is worthy? Is she assured of her son’s support in the future? How can a mother compare between two children? 

What happens if the birth of daughters is controlled? The world will be filled with men. Life on earth will be threatened if this trend continues to persist. There is no doubt that women have a tender heart. Women are a source of love and kindness. Let’s not be mistaken. It is women who turn a tender heart into stone and a source of love and kindness into cruelty and contempt. The battle between a mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law is the best example in Nepal. On the contrary, a father-in-law cares more about his daughter-in-law. A woman should learn to respect other women first. 

Published: 10-08-2017 07:49

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