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Aug 13, 2017-It was shocking to hear how the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) failed to act on curbing and controlling human trafficking to Gulf countries in accordance with a report released by a team of parliamentarians headed by Prabhu Sah, the then Chairman of the sub-committee of International Relation and Labour Committee of Parliament. The team found out that the officials of other state agencies and even the immigration department colluded with the human traffickers (‘MoFA failed to act, says House panel report’, August 9, Page 1). 

More than 60 percent of domestic workers who reached the Gulf were found to have travelled through Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA). This indicates that there is a well-established network between the concerned officials and human traffickers. There seem to be serious flaws in the immigration system which need to be immediately corrected in order to curb human trafficking. However, the question here is: W+hich government organisation can take this initiative? 

Over 30,000 domestic women workers from Nepal have reached Saudi Arabia illegally to work as domestic help and the number of women reaching other countries through illegal channels operated in collusion with immigration officials and smugglers is equally high. The condition of most of these women working as domestic help was found to be awful. The time has come for the concerned government organisation to act swiftly and lawfully punish the culprits to discourage human trafficking.

- Rai Biren Bangdel, Maharjgunj


Dr Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar may not have been a hero of the war of Indian independence, but he is the hero who built an independent India (‘Remembering Ambedkar in Bangalore’, July 31, Page 7). Dr Ambedkar was one of the finest minds and statesmen of India; it is no wonder that everyone called him ‘Babasaheb’ out of love and admiration. He was a man who fought for equality, justice and humanity. He gave millions the hope to live and prosper in a society that deprived them of even the most basic needs.

Dr Ambedkar changed India’s fate. We remember his efforts to eradicate social evils and the importance he gave to education. He hit the nail on the head when he said that caste system in India was the root cause of social evils; those who play the politics of caste have no interest in the welfare of poor people. A nation can only progress if there is a feeling of unity. Dr Amebdkar’s ideals will continue to guide us in our mission for an equal society.

- Vinod C Dixit, Ahmedabad, India


How can the staff refuse to work under an executive head just because s/he has fewer service years (‘Edu staff warn of quitting en masse’, August 9, Page 3). They don’t show the same refusal to live and work under prime ministers who are less qualified and have no service years and experience. This is an act of insubordination that also goes against the spirit and sentiments of federalism. It seems the government servants will block the practice of federalism in the country. 

- Manohar Shrestha, via email

Published: 13-08-2017 07:57

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