Modernising Dashain


Sep 13, 2017-People return home from different parts of the globe and from various parts of the country to celebrate Dashain together. During Dashain, all government offices, educational institutions and other offices remain closed. Dashain is celebrated with the symbolic meaning of victory of good over evil. Animals such as buffaloes, lambs and goats are ritually slaughtered during Dashain in the name of appeasing goddess Durga. However, blood in the temple can never be good because it is a holy place where we pray to the goddess for the safety 

of life. Slaughtering animals in 

the name of the goddess is only a religious ritual and should be changed according to the progress of civilisation and modernity. 

Every animal has an equal right to live in the world. We human beings must be kind to them. There is not much difference between human beings and animals. We can think, communicate and express our feelings, but they can’t. But it doesn’t mean 

that we have to be cruel to them. We must preserve their right to live. We cannot make the goddess happy by slaughtering animals so cruelly and be blessed by doing so. No civilised and kind people do so. 

During Dashain, we have good food and drinks with our family members, share happiness and spend our time by playing cards and flying kites. If we do all these activities adhering to limits, we can be very happy and healthy. But during Dashain, most people put their life and money at great risk. People want to enjoy lots of meat items in addition to other oily foods and varieties of hard drinks. Both are bad for their health. It may make us sick during Dashain, and there may be long-term bad effects on our health. We should have plenty of vegetables and try to avoid too much alcoholic drinks in order to be healthy. We should be health conscious. People gamble during the festival and they lose lots of money including jewellery. It doesn’t bring happiness during Dashain. It may make our Dashain terribly bad and may push us into heavy debt. But from the poor to the rich, all enjoy the festive mood.

During the 21st century, lots of changes have taken place in our daily lives. Some of our traditions and rituals have become out-dated. We do not practice them any longer. In the same way, the way of celebrating Dashain is also being changed in civilised and educated families. Some people do not slaughter animals at the temple in the name of the goddess, and they avoid meat items, oily food and alcoholic drinks. They play cards among family members only to enjoy. They always focus on their good health and happiness. They always remain thrifty and practise temperance. They celebrate it in a civilised way. This is what most people have to learn.

Published: 13-09-2017 07:52

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