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Sep 22, 2017-What’s wrong if a music teacher learns some dance steps? The extra qualities that you possess will never harm you. It is only a matter of time, a certain amount of financial outlay and the efforts you make to gain the desired quality, and it is yours. There is nothing wrong in gaining extra qualities that are different from your original track. Being a student, I don’t feel there is anything wrong for me to learn writing skills. It is only a matter of time and dedication and you get the gift of another wonderful quality. An additional talent in no way means that you need to stray from the original track. Will there be any harm for a science teacher to have knowledge of finance? 

Living in this competitive world is not so easy. Everyone is good in their original pursuit, but what counts is the extra thing that you possess. Scoring a 4.0 CGPA does mean much in your bio data if you lack other attractive qualities. We live in a monotonous world where society believes that accountancy is of no relevance to an engineer. 

But experience shows that even an engineer should remain informed of trends at Nepse, with a proper knowledge of balance sheets. At the same time, a chartered accountant must be equally aware about global warming. It would be really foolish to think that one can live on one’s primary qualification and expertise alone. Yes, one can definitely do so, but that person would be dumb in other situations.

Again, being a Jack of all trades and the master of none is a foolish thing. So, I am in no way trying to say that you need to be the Jack of all trades. It is not possible to be a master of all either. All I want you to be is a master of one and the Jack of some other trades. This may sound odd, but it is not so difficult. Can’t an MBBS student take time out during the holidays to try to understand the intricacies of assets and liabilities? And can’t an art student try to understand the health advantages of donating blood? It is simply a matter of interest. These are the qualities that help you to gain inner knowledge. 

There are also tangible benefits that can be gained from this practice. If you attend trainings and seminars, it will be an additional point in your bio data. Learning an international language is again an extra feature. There really is no harm in possessing an extra quality. You gain entry into a new world which makes your life that much richer. Your original track is as good as gold, and this extra feature within you is like adding fragrance to it. You know the saying about adding fragrance to gold. I don’t feel bad as a student when someone talks about my writing skills.

Published: 22-09-2017 08:05

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