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Oct 3, 2017-

Lack of goats, non-competitive selling prices, and meat without fat and skin reportedly brought doom and gloom to the five-month old modern meat processing factory set up at the cost of Rs110 million (‘Alpine meat factory closed in just 5 mths’, Money IV, September 21). In an economy where part-time butchers still sell meat divided into equal portions on a tattered mat at rural town squares or in unhygienic shacks, encouraging people to buy expensive meat from modern factories is a tall order. Big does not necessarily mean cheaper in Nepal where economies of scales do not apply. The bigger the stores or the factories, the higher the expenses and liabilities—rent, salary, bank interests, utility—which make products more expensive than in smaller shops. In Nepal, all business need to be small or family-owned to make a them viable and profitable. Now this meat factory will surely bring immense grief to the owner.

- Manohar Shrestha, Kathmandu


With inadequate health budgets and medical reforms, there is a crunch in resources, staff and medicine as far as the patients are concerned (‘Patients bear brunt of docs’ strike’, Page 1, September 26). The main reason behind why patients’ relatives become violent towards doctors are because doctors are, more often than not, party to unethical practices. Doctors advise the use of expensive and unnecessary radiology, endoscopic, or laboratory investigations, cause delays while attending to patients, request advance payments, and withhold deceased bodies until the final bill is settled. Lack of working equipment in hospitals forces doctors to direct patients elsewhere, which also adds to the suspicion of doctors being hand-in-glove with laboratories. In medicine there are no guarantees and patients can develop complications despite the best efforts of the doctors. However, it seems that doctors have lost the trust of their patients and the feeling that the doctors are guided by the patient’s best interests.

- Vinod C Dixit, Ahmedabad, India

Published: 03-10-2017 08:08

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