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Oct 6, 2017-

T oday, the society in which I live is divided into two parts. One consists of my family and relatives, and the other is made up of my friends from college, school and social media platforms. The way members of these two societies think is different. The first society, that is my family, wants me to struggle in life for a better future; and the second society, which consists of my friends, wants me to enjoy the present besides thinking of the future. When I was small, I watched a lot of films, and this made me want to be a hero who saves villagers from bad people. As time passed, my aim also changed. I started watching cricket and football. I loved the kind of cricket played by Australia and the kind of football played by Germany. So I wanted to be a player. After that changed, political instability in our country made me think that I should be a good political leader. 

All these things which have inspired me are not something desirable to my society of family members, relatives and people who want me to succeed in life. Movie star, cricketer, footballer and politician are not safe aims because my society has seen a 

lot of people who have lost their life and money in these fields. They think that people who want to be an actor, player or politician are those who are involved in bad activities and addicted to drugs and alcohol. My father, mother, grandfather, uncle 

and aunty have only studied about the struggles faced by BP Koirala, Prachanda and Madan Bhandari. They do not know about the success achieved by Aung San Suu Kyi of Burma and Nelson Mandala of South Africa. 

Now I am in the process of completing my engineering studies, and I have seen a lot of my friends and relatives entering this field. I feel that this is not a safe field for my life. This field of education was a safe field for my society 10 years ago because engineers were scarce then and they enjoyed a good life. Now, almost all my friends are engineers. I don’t think all of them have joined this field out of their own interest; most of them are here because society wanted them to be here.

It is time for society and we people to change our thinking. For the development of the country, we need people of different fields, and we should let people do what they want to do and be what they want to be in the future. These days, I know parents don’t force their children to choose a particular subject, but the environment in society lets us know that they want. Therefore, I should fix my aim considering the resources available and the current market demand, not something which was in demand 10 years ago.

Published: 06-10-2017 07:50

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