Genuine or a gimmick?

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Oct 24, 2017-

Some smartphones are available in different variants with different combination of RAM and internal storage, with other components being the same. Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 and OnePlus 5 for instance. Internal storage depends on the data stored by an individual and are often manageable with the SD cards (except for the iPhones). But how much difference does the RAM make in smartphones with similar setups? Is choosing the higher end variant always the better choice?

— Abhishek Adhikari

“More RAM the better” is developing as a digital superstition. And smartphone manufacturers are providing higher amount of RAM as a unique selling point. Smartphone manufacturers often bring variable RAM and internal storage to fit the demand of numerous customers, rest of the features being the same. And expecting a better performance, people tend to fall for the premium or costly version with higher amount of RAM. But basically RAM, or Random Access Memory, is used by the system to store data for faster processing during the run-time. But that does not necessarily mean that more RAM is better. 

More RAM can be useful on multitasking. But if the load exceeds what it can handle then no amount of “extra” RAM is going to help you cope with the problem and ensure a smooth performance. So, smartphones with higher amount of RAM are misleading at times because the optimisation of the smartphone, which kills the background processes of apps which have been unused for a prolonged period of time, also comes into play.

As of now, Android smartphones with 4GB RAM would ensure good performance, if the processor is capable. iOS devices work fine with even with 2 or 3GB of RAM because of good optimisation. So, I recommend you to get the smartphone variant with 4GB RAM in case of Android and minimum 2GB in case of iOS devices. 6GB or 8GB of RAM may become mainstream in the coming years, but for now, 6GB or 8GB of RAM in a smartphone is overkill and just a marketing gimmick.

Published: 24-10-2017 08:14

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