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Nov 15, 2017-

A few days ago, I was taking a ride on a tempo from Baneshwor to Sundhara. While passing Thapagaun, the vehicle was halted by a rally that was administered by a political party. Irritated by the situation, a middle-aged woman who was sitting next to me started to complain. She said “Why don’t they use the money for development purposes instead of for election campaigning?” Nobody in the vehicle reacted to her opinion.  However, I sympathise with how she feels, as the local elections have so far failed to present tangible outcomes as promised by recently elected representative. 

There must be an understanding of the notion of social contracts. In ancient times, it was understood and agreed that the public had to surrender some of their freedom in order to get protection from the state. The existence of a state makes the society run smoothly and safeguards people and their property. People must function in accordance to the state and its law. However, the selection of representatives who can drive the state is a choice that should be left up to the people. Through this opportunity, people have the strength to create a just or unjust state. 

We have been waiting for elections for a great many years, and they are now coming closer and closer. Candidates from different political parties are campaigning and are making public their agendas and slogans through rallies, house visits, mass media, and other means. These candidates focus on economic, social, cultural, religious issues, and they make us feel as though our troubles may be solved soon. 

We voters should not mute our voices. Instead, we should firmly express our desires. Common people can express their expectations of the state, and these demands should be heeded by future representatives. The voice of the people should be at the core of the state. This defines the true nature of democracy. When this voice is heard and acknowledged, then principles regarding justice will be formed. People will have distributive justice in terms of economic, social, religious, and cultural justice.  Additionally, prejudice and discrimination also lessens and the dream of a fair society will be turned into a reality. 

To sum up, it is not only the state that is responsible for the development of a country. The democracy gives opportunities, and these opportunities should be accurately utilised. People are the true source of power of the state. The representatives are merely the drivers, but the engine is the people. If the engine fails, the vehicle is of no use.   

Published: 15-11-2017 07:48

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