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Withheld Words

- Sushant Lamsal

Nov 22, 2017-


Let her hear me cry

I couldn’t bring myself to write it.

Till this darkened day arrived 

A song about old promises

Made so long ago

Created and cremated 

Ashes of the word I spoke.

Long separated by the miles

Distanced from her golden smile.

I know I wasn’t there

For you,

I would have placed 

A magic carpet

Underneath your weak and shaky legs.

Would have raised 

 A strong wind

To let you breathe with ease again.

Would have slayed 

All the demons

To bring you peace again.

Be the land I never knew

A land 

We won’t grow old in.

Be the light 

I always loved 

That warmed my dark 

And lonely soul.

Be the child

Playing games

In a world 

The sun won’t set

Be the laughter

That calms my heart

I never will forget

Won’t forget you.


I broke my all promises

Now you’ve gone away

I’m broken 

Drowning in the pain each day.

Can you even hear me?


- Lamsal is a student at Trinity International College

Published: 22-11-2017 08:07

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