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Dec 16, 2017-


ARIES [March 21-April 19] 

Sunday’s for travel, international interests, intellectual pursuits, and love. Monday to Wed suppertime gives you a preview of the month ahead: ambition, dealings with bosses and VIPs, status concerns. All flows well, except Wed morning, when you could get in your own way. Wedand Thursday starts the month of general career/ambition focus. Be friendly Thurs to Sat dawn—happiness, growing popularity, flirtation, optimism, social joys—this rush in. But retreat, rest and think Saturday.

TAURUS [April 20-May 20]

Sunday’s great for secrets, investigations, finances and intimacy. You get a ‘preview’ of the month ahead—Tues dawn to Wed eve as travel, media, legal, love, and intellectual pursuits are highlighted, and proceed well. But wait until Sat to actually launch anything. A secret temptation might lure you—and offer initial success—Sun through Wed. Your career, worldly status and prestige relations come into sharp focus Wed night through Fri. Avoid a bit of temperament Thursday morn. Happiness, social delights, optimism, popularity, entertainment and flirtation fill Sat.

GEMINI [May 21-June 20] 

Sunday’s for relationships, love, opportunities—and your luck is great! But be diplomatic, not forceful. And remember, start nothing new before Dec 22—old or former flames okay. Wednesday night through Fri brings an open mind, new insights, media, far travel, legal matters, cultural and intellectual pursuits—and love. Thursday morn is a bit irritating, but otherwise march forth—all minor things flow well. Be cognizant of your image, your reputation Sat. Be ambitious, too—career action is favoured.

CANCER [June 21-July 22] 

Sunday’s for work, but luckily so. Wednesday night through Fri brings secrets, financial lures, and possible medical concerns—best after Thurs noon. Thurs you enter a whole month of relationships, opportunities, relocation themes, agreements and dealings with the public. Although you receive a ‘preview’ of this trend Mon to Wed morning, as relationships, etc, ‘pop up’, wait until late Fri night, or Saturday. Saturday is for pondering, love, understanding, intellectual pursuits, media, law, and far travel. 

LEO [July 23-August 22] 

Sunday soars with romantic potential. Dive in, or into the pursuit of beauty or pleasure. You might fall in love the first half of this week. Realise Thurs starts a month of work, and effectively shuts the romance door for a while. Mon/Tues give a preview of this month ahead, as work and health issues rise to the surface. Relationships face you Wed night through Friday. Both Thurs and Fri mornings might contain a ‘legal/ethical’ obstacle, but generally all flows well—seek someone, grab opportunities (even new ones Friday). 

VIRGO [August 23-September 22] 

This week ends sluggish, restrictive conditions at home, and gives you a more direct, realistic approach to romance, creative projects, beauty, pleasure, and raising/teaching kids. The whole week mixes both these themes—home demands, romance blossoming, etc.  Sunday emphasizes home, nature, garden, security, etc—in very lucky ways. Monday/Tues highlight romance and beauty, but you’re still not quite ready to launch. But enjoy the days, the feelings! Plunge into work Thurs/Fri—but step lightly around an accident-prone or argumentative Thurs morn. Relationships pop up Sat and the following Sun.

LIBRA [September 23-October 22] 

The Moon enters your domestic sign on Mon/Tues, but the Sun doesn’t enter until Thurs, so the whole week’s jumbled. Sunday emphasizes errands, calls, emails, travel, paperwork—in a smooth, lucky way. You might meet a friend who leans toward romance and marriage. Monday to suppertime Wed, as noted, steer you toward home, family, rest, security, nutrition, mother Nature. Despite this, love lives—you could fall in by Wed. Romance also visits Wed night through Fri—so do creative and gambling urges, winning, sports/games, beauty and pleasure. 

SCORPIO [October 23-November 21] 

Sunday’s great for money—earnings, paying and collecting bills, etc. Don’t buy anything huge and significant—lemons still lure you. Monday/Tues give you a preview of the month ahead—errands, etc. Be curious. Home, family, security, property, Mother Nature and nutrition fill Wed night through Friday. Be cautious Thurs morn as an argument or accident hover. Otherwise, plunge into domestic situations. Recent delays have ended in most areas, but remain in this home/family zone. A good week, with a possible money-work ‘breakthrough’.

Sagittarius [November 22-December 21] 

Sunday’s beautifully fortunate—get out, make contact, see and be seen, be a leader. You shine! Chase money, support clients, buy/sell, pay and collect outstanding debts Mon to Wed suppertime. All’s fine, but don’t force matters Tues night, Wed pre-dawn. Thurs/Fri bring errands, light friends, media, news, communications, trips and paperwork. Careful Thurs morn, when romance is not recommended, and tempers might flare. Otherwise, a good, easy interval. Spend the weekend at home or in the ‘hood—family matters, relaxation, food, even renovations, decorations or repairs—a weekend of rare domestic success!

CAPRICORN [December 22-January 19] 

Sunday finds you weary and contemplative—but this day runs very smoothly and luckily. Great day for research, and for governmental, institutional, medical or management matters. Your energy and charisma rise nicely (not hugely) Tues to Wed suppertime. All’s well, so march ahead. Caution early Wed morning—fender-benders, other “surprises” possible. Chase money Wed night through Fri—pay and collect old bills, protect possessions, and indulge a sensual urge if you want. Other than a possible Thurs morn irritation, all goes well. Errands, contacts, paperwork, communications fill Sat.

AQUARIUS [January 20-February 18] 

Sunday’s for wishes, social joys, flirtations and optimism—a happy day! (You’ll daydream about this day right into mid-week.) Retreat, rest, contemplate (but do not form future plans) Mon morn to Wed suppertime. All’s well. Your energy and charisma rise Wed night through Friday. Wait Thurs morn, when tempers might flare, or bosses demand, then charge ahead. Chase money, buy/sell, cultivate clients, chase a sexy someone, memorize lists, enter school, Sat.Good luck rides with you, bargains appear, and sales rise.

PISCES [February 19-March 20] 

Sunday offers great luck and progress in your career, ambitions, status and reputation. Then Mon to Wed brings happiness, social delights, flirtations and entertainment—and optimism, and wish fulfillment. This entire week ends restrictions, hard work demands, and slow progress in your ambitions. From here forward, you rise! To “enforce” the change, the whole month ahead focuses powerfully on these future things: joy, popularity, wishes coming true, and friendly romance. Retreat, though, Wed night through Fri. Saturday brings a surge of energy, effectiveness and charisma.

Published: 16-12-2017 08:35

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