Unconscious moments

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Dec 22, 2017-

I opened my eyes. I felt dizzy. Two women were holding me by my arms. Many people had gathered around me. They were asking me questions. I felt my head. I didn’t have my helmet on. I had lost my face mask too. I tried to remember what had happened but couldn’t. I heard people saying that two young motorcyclists racing each other had hit my scooter. I stood up and tried to balance myself as I looked around. 

“Mama!” I screamed and rushed to my mother. Two men were holding her up. She had cuts and bruises all over her face. My eyes filled with tears. “Mama,” I called my mother. She didn’t reply. I trembled in horror. People were telling me not to panic. My face turned pale and my hands froze. Some people started asking me for any relative’s number. “Please, please, call daddy,” my voice quavered. I hurriedly gave them my father’s number and looked at my mother. She was not looking back at me. “Hospital, taxi, taxi.” I could clearly hear people trying to help me. 

A woman helped my mother into the taxi. I tried to run towards my scooter, but my legs wouldn’t move. I jumped back when I saw my blood covered foot. I turned back and saw mama’s unconscious face. My heart was pounding. I dragged my feet to the scooter and took out my purse from under the seat. I couldn’t feel my mobile in my pockets. I got into the taxi and asked the driver to take us to a hospital nearby. 

“Excuse me,” I screeched as I took mama inside the hospital. The young nurses seemed even more horrified than me, after seeing us covered in blood. They remained motionless. I was begging the hospital staff to treat my mother. The taxi driver followed me asking for Rs500 as the fare. Then I saw my father and sister running towards me. We hired another taxi. I cried and hugged my mother all the way to Teaching Hospital. My father followed us on his motorbike. I heard a voice saying, “Rs500.” I handed the driver a banknote and rushed my mother into the emergency room. 

I had left my purse and keys in the taxi, never to be seen again. 

I was still crying when two nurses came to me. They started cleaning away the dried blood from mama’s face and hands. I turned to my father and sister who hurried to pay the bills and bring medicines. My eyes were swollen, and I didn’t have the energy to cry anymore. I buried my head in my father’s chest as the nurse gave me painkillers. It eased the pain but I was still worried about my mama. About half a dozen doctors came to look at mama, finally she opened her eyes and smiled at us. 

Published: 22-12-2017 08:10

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