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Jan 4, 2018-

In our life, we have to walk through various phases of reality. Every phase and way can’t be remembered. They are like gusts of wind during a storm which, after some time, become silent. But some events or realities remain tightly attached to our minds and hearts even if we try to erase them from our memory. Memories of our childhood, puberty and adolescence come to our minds repeatedly. The friends with whom we played, went to roam here and there and chatted for a long time daily are impossible to forget. Those days of joy and freedom are precious memories for a person who has now become an adult. It is certain that an adult person with lots of heavy responsibilities and lots of ailments becomes very jealous when remembering the golden early days. But those days can never be revived. It is a very bitter truth of life. 

I too have very sweet memories of the past which play like a breeze in my mind, which blossom like a delicate flower in my soul and which are attached to my heart. Those days were, of course, more precious than any asset in the universe. I have walked over the many hills in my district Nawalpur (previously Nawalparasi) for up to 15 hours on a single day. Despite such journeys, I never used to become much tired. I remember the cool water I drank while I was walking up the hills. I still remember the shade of the big tree where I took a rest for a while. 

I remember many conversations which I had with my companion who accompanied me on my trips. We purchased sugarcane in a village on the way and walked chewing it. Many people we met on the way were walking up the hill carrying loads approximately equal to their weight. In the black darkness, we finally reached our destination. This instance is from the time when I was in the early adolescence phase. After a few years of this kind of life, I became a victim of the negative effects of urbanisation and modernisation. I started travelling on a bike. Now it is completely impossible to go on such a journey on foot.

As the age of a person increases, he or she reaches a stage in life where he or she becomes trapped in the web of lengthy duties and responsibilities. After that, the person is forced to forget the essence of happiness. Like most people on earth today, I exhibit a smile, hiding tones of grief and hurdles in my soul. But in those days, I used to smile and laugh with a wide horizon of joy and freedom. Today, I have to walk many dreadful paths strewn with thorns to get a little peace and happiness, but in those days, I was like the clear sky which could smile without black clouds. 

Published: 04-01-2018 07:53

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